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Profile: Peta-de-Aztlan


My Birth Certificate has my name as simply 'Peter Lopez'. My full legal name is Peter S. Lopez ~aka 'Peta de Aztlan'.

The 'S.' stands for Steven in honor and memory of my younger brother Steven Lopez who as a child caught TB meningitis, got a high fever that literally burned his brain cells out to the point of leaving his mentally retarded. He is now in a Care Home in South Sacramento.

I was raised being called 'Petey' by my family. Nowadays, my nickname is 'Peta'. 'Peta' is Espanol for ‘a rope hard to cut'. It was my Padre's nickname from when he was a young Pachuco in the Logan Heights Barrio 'Cherry Gang' in San Diego, Calfas..

First and foremost, I am a humane being of Mother Earth. As my self-identity I consider myself a Chicano of Mexican-American-Native ancestry and my people are indigenous to these lands I call Aztlan.

I was born innocent and ignorant on November 15, 1951 at what was then called the Sacramento County Hospital, now the University of California Davis Medical Center, in Sacramento, California.

Sun Sign = Scorpio
Moon = Gemini with Leo Rising.

My Padre's name is Pete Macias Lopez. My Madre's name was Ella Perez Lopez. I have one older sister named Linda Carol Lopez ; and two younger blood brothers named Robert Lopez and Steven Lopez.

On my Father’s side I am a descendent of the Warrior-Chief Geronimo of the Chiricahua Apaches and of a Chief of the Sonoran Yaqui tribes whose name I do not know. Plus, my Dad was born in Tempe, Arizona and proudly calls himself a Yaqui.

On my Mother's side, both my Grandparents fought in the early Mexican Revolution with Pancho Villa and his army. My grandfather, Rafael Perez, was a miner turned soldier. My abuela, Lupe Fernandez, was a nurse in the first Red Cross in Zacatecas, Mexico for Villa’s wounded men.

I have a Warrior’s Bloodline!

I grew up in the Southside Park Area of Downtown Sacramento in a ‘barrio’ some of us ol’ timers know as Barrio Cinco ~ the oldest one in Sacramento. I graduated from Sacramento Senior High School in 1969. Then, I went to Sac State being only 18-years old, but then I got married, quit school and went to work back in the Barrio for the War On Poverty Program.

My former wife, Pauline Belen Gonzales, and I had one child, a Son named Camilo Esteban Lopez, born on my birthday on November 15, 1971. His Mother and I broke up around 1975. I have not seen him for a long time. He knows how to get in contact with me and old enough to do so.

Nowadays, despite all the women I have known, I am single, unattached and am a liberated man. I am careful in my intimate relations with women, though, I have many acquaintances, some friends, a few close friends and a large extended family.

In my early teens, I first got heavily involved in the ‘Movimiento’ when I worked with the Friends of the Farmworkers for the United Farm Workers {UFW} Grape Boycott in the late 60's, then, a leader with the Mexican-American Youth Association {MAYA} and was a Member of the Brown Berets as its Miniser of Education {though I am probably the only one who remembers that pompous title}. Thus, over the years, my political-social involvement in the Movimiento got deeper and deeper.

Nowadays, my Christian Ministry involves helping homeless drug addicts with a progressive recovery group called CASA ~ Christians Against Substance Addiction! We hold regular CASA Open Meetings at the Sacramento Salvation Army ‘Center of Hope’ downtown homeless shelter.

I believe in the Power of Pure Love with no limits, no ends and no conditions. In accordance with this belief I try to help others in all my relations as a humane being.

I stand up for humane rights for all people, regardless of who and where they are upon Mother Earth and stand against the Bush Rogue Regime and the insane Iraqnam War.

These are tough war times of trials, troubles and tribulations for many people. We must help all the wretched people of Mother Earth

Even inside the United States many millions endure the Amerikan nightmare in search of the American dream!

It is imperative for all human beings, as an endangered species of life, to come together for the survival of humanity and all Creatures of the Creator upon Mother Earth!

I am ‘in the process’ of building up with others a Vanguard Education Party called the Humane Liberation Party which is of the People’s Vanguard Elements and stands upon its 5-Point Survival Platform.

The HumanE Liberation Party
~ A Vanguard Education Party ~ 5 - Point Survival Platform
~~ January 1, 2001 Sacramento, California ~~ USA

#1. We demand our basic humane needs for the survival of our species: nutritional food, proper clothing, decent shelter, wholistic medicine and quality education for our present welfare and future success in the New Millennium.

#2. We demand complete employment for our natural energies, relevant job training or a guaranteed income for our continued life existence as humane beings in order to work in decent positions as functional mature adults.

#3. We demand worldwide socialist democracy with proportional representation: wherein the majority rules, protects minorities and cares for all based upon 'one human being, one legitimate vote' in fair, free and open monitored elections.

#4. We demand equal respect for all humane rights: no matter the economic class, blood race, gender sex, national identity, cultural origin or personal orientation and the conscientious resolution of violations against the humane rights of all indigenous native tribes.

#5. We demand true Peace on Earth and an immediate end to all evil unjust wars, regional conflicts and territorial disputes in conjunction with the total elimination of all Weapons of Mass-Destruction weapons by any and all means mandatory.

Libertad o Muerte! Liberty or Death!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta-de-Aztlan
Humane Liberation Party, Field Coordinator
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

Yahoo Email:sacranative@yahoo.com
Profile= http://www.digitaldivide.net/profile/sacranative

Humane Liberation Party Blog Link:

Wake Up! Get Involved! Join Up!
Humane-Rights-Agenda Yahoo Group

Note: 11/30/2010 ~ I am glad I have the brains to get this blog going. This is just an update. Now it is open for all to see who happen to peek in here. I have a few in draft. I just hope none of this will backfire against me, especially if it is about confidential stuff I or the person who it is about will dislike. I admit, as part of my progressive recovery I have pretty much opened up about myself to the point where my life is kind of like an open blog. It is a truism that we are often as sick as our secrets, unless there is real evil stuff involved that we do not want no one else to know about so we keep it a secret, then, karma catches up with all of us. Namaste, Che Peta

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