Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lala y Peta

This is a picture of my precious Sister Linda and I ~ my one and only blood sister ~ and he is my older big sister. She was my childhood companion and protector.

When I was a child I could pronounce her name Linda good so I called her Lala and now I affectionately refer to her as 'Lala' when I write this to you all.

As I grew older and got more involved in the Movimiento we kind of lived out our lives and grew up in different ways. I first moved out from home when I was a teenager of 17 years old, though, I sought refuge back home several times later in life.

I got married, involved in politics and got into booze and dope and Lala never really did, though, she did drink sometimes at family get together. She never became an raving alcoholic like I did. Thank God!

I figure my Baby Brother Bobby and I gave my parents enough headaches and heartaches. She was always the good straight responsible daughter. After my Mother, Ella P. Lopez died, she kind of took on the role of a mother figure for us, especially for my Brother Bobby {aka Tata}. Thus, she has always been a strong role model for us in the family.

After my Mother Ella died, who was the Mother Heart of the family she has helped to keep the sense of motherhood alive in our family and we cherish her, though, we should show it more and exhibit our appreciation more than we do.

Maybe many of us do not show our appreciation to the loved ones in our lives as much as we should and we should stay aware of this human flaw in all our relations.

My Sister Linda has had her fair share of medical problems and she has helped me to realize the mortality of all of us and that, indeed, health is the greatest wealth. I love her to no end! ~ Petey

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