Monday, February 13, 2006

Brother Danny: Febrero 13, 2006

Brother Danny and I are good friends and real brothers. We may not be related by blood, but more than bloodline, we are related as Spirits. Both of us have known each other for years, both of us have gone through some hard times, some fun times and a lot of different times together, including back in my dope fiend days. He was key to waking me up one day when he came over and I was still slingin' dope thinking I was big shit. He told me, "Petey, you've changed!"

I was busy with my stupid dope fiend transactions and I told him, "Hell yeah I've changed!" Plus, I am sure some other mean things. He just kind of shook his head and left. But later I thought about what the truth that he had stated and he was right. I had changed, for the worse. The whole dope fiend culture brought out the devil in me, the coldness and cruelty of it all reflects outward in our relations. It was shortly after that when I just grabbed my backpack and left the whole dope fiend scene and the dope house that I had helped built.

A good friend will still be your friend, even when you are not such a good friend and something in him keeps you as a friend. Friendships can help save a soul.

Brother Danny is a Canadian, but raised in California and is still a 'Deadhead' in his own way. He came by today by surprise and woke my ass up when I was thinking of just staying in because I had no school or tasks to do today. We went out to J.J. North's and pigged out big time!

Treasure your friend in your life. You may find that they are as rare as gems and may be karmic reincarnations of past lives that are here to help you round out this one. Cherish your friends, though you may only have a few. Cherish them. Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

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