Saturday, December 22, 2007

12-22-07: Up and Running Here Now.....


Sabbath, December 22, 2007 @7:12 PM

I have not logged in here for awhile. My Desktop hp Pavilion 7935 is up and running here over Mark's place. This is the first time it has been up and running here. So far, so well.

Work at Sally's goes on as usual with its drama and trauma. I am getting more experienced at it all and learning to distinguish the significant from the petty. The main sorrow of it all for me is the deplorable lack of decent housing for poor folks, plus the fact of helping homeless people is at the bottom of the list under the present Fascist Bush Presidential Administration.

To add to the drama it is obvious to me that the root reasons involved in there even being homeless people, besides the sick status quo, are three:

#1. Little or no self-esteem among the homeless.
#2. Character defects that deform us from being highly functional.
#3. Shortcomings that continue to hinder our development as humane beings.

I am learning more and more about human nature among human beings who are put into desperate situations, such as, being homeless and penniless here in the richest country in the world. It hurts more being miserably poor in a land that seen by the world's people as the land of plenty. It was one thing passing by the donut shop and seeing all the goodies and pastries inside through the windows and just walking by it and only smelling it somewhat in the open air.

I see more and more how the basic A.A. 12-Steps can have universal application for society at large, not merely for alcoholics who are powerless over their active addiction to alcohol. We all have inherent flaws and imperfections and it is a truism that the biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement. Thus, the 12-Steps help us look at ourselves in a clear light, encourage us to claim our dependency on the Creator, invite us to do a thorough self-examination of our weaknesses in the form of a self-inventory and gives us basic guidelines to govern our relationships in our lives in honest ways.

@11:30 PM
Tonight is the full moon night for this December.

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I can feel the night energy of the full moon and this one has a kind of placid way about it with a kind of peacefulness with it. Then too, I am watching the History Channel about Books Banned from the Bible:

My Ministry with CASA goes well and the theme for this month is combating relapse for the Holidays. What will be, will be; what will come, will come. We cannot guarantee tomorrow but today in the here now is what we can cope with to the capacity of our personal power in communion with the Creator.

My personal relationship with a Gal that I care about goes well as far as it goes, but we are hardly with each other just the two of us. Generally this works well as I could not cope with having a woman around all the time. However, she also leaves much to be desired in comparison to my ideals of a woman who would be more in harmony with my tastes, my interests and my priorities. It is what it is and she generally does not bug or bother me. Once again, we will see what we will see as time goes by. I know can be difficult for me to be close to someone who has no personal experiential understanding of what it is like to be a drug/alcohol addict still involved in the lifelong process of on-going recovery from one past state-of-being or another, even recovery from past personal traumas.

I have learned that I am basically a loner in the physical sense and do not need the stress, anxiety and occupation of always having someone around me as most couples or wifes-and-husbands do. Marriage can leave a lot to be desired and I am not a prude. The fact remains it that I enjoy my solitude here in my small sanctuary away from the maddening crowd.

Blessings and Prayers to All Who Read These Lines~
Sacramento, Califas

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December 22, 2007
Beauty-Inspired Creativity
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Perhaps you can gain inspiration today by appreciating the beauty around you and transforming what you see into something meaningful for you.

You may want to visit a botanical garden or museum today, taking a sketchbook, notepad, or camera with you. You could make notes, draw, or take pictures of whatever you see that stirs your emotions and ignites your creativity. Try to free yourself from your inner critic and make note of things that you know will inspire you in your endeavors later on.

You may find that you get an abundance of ideas that unleash the power of your imagination.

Surrounding ourselves in beauty and finding a way to infuse our lives with its exquisiteness is a wonderful way to awaken our creativity. Seeing the wonders of a flower or being touched by a painting shows us that there are limitless sources of inspiration to stimulate our imagination. When we find these sources in more obvious places such as parks and galleries and consciously take note of what piques our interest, we begin to train ourselves to see beauty in everything around us.

Eventually we notice things in our everyday world that will also inspire us. By allowing yourself to be influenced by the splendor of the world around you today, the creative power of your imagination will flow effortlessly.

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