Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the Power of a Spiritual Journal: by Peter S. Lopez

Sabbath, July 26, 2008

What was on your mind a millennium ago? What were you thinking and going through a year ago? What were your goals last month? What did you need to do last week that you put off and procrastinated? What happened to you yesterday? What new lessons in life did you learn today? To help you remember what is going on in your life and other stuff it is good to establish a written document in the form of a Spiritual Journal for your spiritual journey in life. Life is a journey, not a destination!

In our spiritual life, we all need spiritual sobriety, progressive recovery and humane liberty to help us heal from one kind of disorder or another in order maintain balance, create order and have inner peace in this wicked wide world of social chaos, mass confusion and global crisis. In these troubled times of great transitions many of us are 'out-of-order' and divorced from our inherited natural divinity as co-creators with Creator God. We need to be in tune with our true inner soul and examine the infinite possibilities of life in all its many facets, realms and dimensions! We need to come to know the power of a Spiritual Journal in order to create a private personal diary of the spiritual evolution of our private thoughts, personal concerns and life experiences.

~Tools for a Spiritual Journal~

A few basic tools you will need are:
1. A pen or other writing implement (pencil with eraser)
2. A student notebook, note pad or computer if possible
3. A dictionary and thesaurus

A Spiritual Journal is meant to be for your eyes only, though you can feel free to share portions of it with special people, such as a sponsor, spiritual guide of close friend. Before you start journaling, take the time to pray, meditate and concentrate on what you want to write about. Always know where your journal is and keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes. A journal is a special writing space where you can express your deepest feelings, innermost thoughts and personal dreams without fear of self-exposure. Breathe, relax, open up your mind and let it all hang out!

The purpose of a journal is know your inner self better and keep track of what is going on in your life. It is sad that many people do not really know, analyze and understand themselves. They are victims of their own emotions, held hostage by their own feelings. They might be too busy labeling and judging others instead of looking in a clean mirror and examining their own character defects, shortcomings and inner demons. Who are you and why are you here? Know why you think, feel and do as you do in your life. The better you love, care for and understand yourself as a humane being, the more care, concern and compassion you will have for others.

We are all ignorant of all we do not know. Many people are functional illiterates who cannot read or write good may not even be able to spell simple words, but are too ashamed to ask for help. If we work on learning in a consistent conscientious way we can learn what we do not know, increase our general knowledge and raise our spiritual consciousness to higher levels of comprehension. Be humble, receptive and good at learning!

Learn the lexical definitions of words you do not comprehend and take the time to look them up and define them. You can even create your own definitions for key words in order to better say what you mean and mean what you say. Get your words out in a clear, concise and powerful way. Increase your vocabulary and empower yourself with keen insight and native intelligence. Real power is the capacity to accurately define connected reality, correctly analyze it and change it in a designed manner. Use your personal power to help yourself and others move forward in life armed with the wisdom of self-knowledge.

Many people misunderstand each other because they actually have different definitions for the same common words they use in their conversations with others. Do not assume that what you define and mean as ‘spiritual’ is the same for someone else. Think before you speak and choose your words with care so you can better understand your own thinking processes. Be able to define and explain your terms, concepts and definitions. Communicate what is really on your mind and strive to be clearly understood by others you really care about. Be honest, open, and direct. Keep it simple when you can and get to the point!

~ Plan of Action for Starting a Spiritual Journal ~

Any good plan of action should answer the following questions:
1. Who?
2. What?
3. When?
4. Where?
5. Why?

You need to create a Spiritual Journal here now to document your reflections on connected reality. It can help clarify life issues, answer critical questions and analyze key situations for your own personal self-interest. Write down your thoughts as mirrors of your mind. Write about whatever you think is important enough to write down. In your journal, you can write in it, draw in it or even scribble in it. Open it whenever and wherever you want. It is only your journal for you to keep up on and to exercise your right to write!

When journaling it is best to find a quiet secluded power spot where no one can disturb you so you can be alone without distractions. The best time to journal is early in the morning when your mind is fresh and clear. Sometime during a busy day you can stop and write in it to anchor yourself. Late at night before sleep, do an assessment and evaluation of the day’s thoughts, feelings and activities. It is easy to journal once you get into the habit of writing into your journal on a regular daily basis, even if it is only a few sentences.

There are different kinds of journals for different reasons: a recovery journal, a business journal or an art journal. A Spiritual Journal is to help you map out your lifetime journey. You can journal in it for your daily personal inventory, write up different lists and for your own future reference. You can even create the raw material for an autobiography!

~Tangible Benefits of a Spiritual Journal~

* It creates free time only for you to write as it builds concentration
* Relieves stress and soothes anxiety by creating moments of clarity
* Helps develop your general literacy, improves writing and sharpens study
* Sets goals, outlines plans and establishes priorities that are written down
* Creates personal reminders of daily schedules, appointments and meetings
* Helps focus your life energy, tracks time and resources
* Raises consciousness as it increases self-esteem
* Becomes a treasured heirloom for life

Some people who fail to keep any kind of journal often get clouded and confused in their conversations without a coherent train of thought. It is no wonder why they babble when they speak without thinking first and love to only hear their own talk. It is because they are insecure, out of tune with their inner spirit, have a short attention span and are easily distracted without a set clear focus in life. Always quick to react on an emotional level, yet slow to respond with calm reason.

Always keep a Spiritual Journal handy to help you examine the changes in your lifetime. Change is truly inevitable, conscious spiritual growth is a choice. Walk your spiritual path with love, kindness and understanding for others. The best way of telling is by doing. Let others come to their own individual understanding of the truth. Nothing replaces direct experience.

The more you love life the more your path ahead will be guided by the light of truth. Stay in the light, avoid darkness and write your truth down! Get busy!!!



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