Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unfair General Assistance Termination

March 23, 2011 ~ Received GA Termination for not turning in March Report.
I DID turn it into that Green BOX at Dept. Human Assistance by the front
door. Tomorrow I will go in person and turn my new one for April also in
person. I suppose I will need to get a Receipt. I am trying to scrounge up my
Rent here of $525 for April RENT and NEED GA for April to pay off my
Rent. Do I need to turn another one in for March?!?!

Plus, I am not even knowing who my worker is! I call that mainline Number
and after going through it labyrinth am told the Mail Box is full. Whatever
happened to our welfare rights?!! As I said before I am not a welfare bum
but do need real help now.

Attached My Resumes:
Blessings, Peter S. Lopez AKA Peta
Sacramento, California
Phone: 916/346-4483

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