Monday, June 20, 2011

Checking In ~ Monday, June 20th of 2011

Greetings All!
I hope this Email gets through to whom it needs to get through to ~ in the name of the Creator of the Cosmos and the positive forces of timely communication.

True empathy requires us to know and experience the suffering of others. To be one with the people, to endure what they endure, to suffer what they suffer in human existence in order to truly perceive the direct experience of it all. It is not easy and it has its difficult moments, but I now experience a sense of  being inline with my own life that I did not have before. Homeless people are refugees of a failed state. We are the 'canary in the mine'. Take heed.

Remember: If you want to know the nature of a given society you need to examine its lower economic classes, its outcasts and indeed its refugees.

We are refugees of a failed state, the result of a failed society, in fact, a society that is largely insane in relation to helping to meet the mental and spiritual needs of its people.

We can criticize the lack of motivation of people, people having low or no self-esteem. We can criticize the character defects of people and their tendencies towards harmful addictions. However, let us ask: Who were the ones responsible for parenting all these wretched of the earth? Who were the ones responsible for their education, their upbringing, for equipping them with the skills necessary to compete in today's dog-eat-rat society?

The Lord willing I will have seven years of sobriety from alcohol this Friday the 24th ~with over ten years off meth. I still do not have a decent job that can help me take care of myself and help others. Hell, I do not even have a cell phone.

Nonetheless, I will prevail, I will stay sober and stay strong in this war of life. True social rehabilitation entails us equipping people. Look up the original etymylogy of the word 'habilitate'. I would love working with a housing program that promotes being sane and sober as it is our insanity that often comes before our downfall.
I do not now have regular Internet Access but if good fortune prevails I will strive to post these Emails from time to time. I certainly appreciate of much of life now that I did not fully appreciate before. I do not take for granted that which I use to take for granted, including family and loyal friends. My family is the family of humanity and stretches all around the world. |

I am now a client at the VOA Emergency Shelter ~ Che Peta
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F.Kennedy ~ c/s

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