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Report: The First Month: Meanng and Outlook

Report: The First Month: Meanng and Outlook

To All My Relations! Mitakuye Oyasin!

Hola Brother Bankole ~
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Yes, it is another day, another month, another year for staying alive in good wholistic health, struggling for our basic survival needs and reaching out to help others.  
My New Year’s Resolution is the same as last year: LOVE GOD, STAY STRAIGHT & HELP OTHERS!

I believe in Creator God because I see that there is an original designer of connected reality, an inherent order to nature {disrupted by the animal man} and daily keep a conscious contact with God knowing of his blessings in my own life. I believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God and exhibited God-like qualities in humane form, not God Himself as God cannot be contained nor crucified nor fully conceptualized.

We are all Creatures of the Creator. God is not a gender of man or woman. God is Love. Love of Life is the original spark that brought about Creation. Let others believe what they what in this Hell they want, many atheists and agnostics are asinine and have lost their way on ‘the path with heart’.

I speak not of the corrupt hypocrisy of established religions. Personally I strive to help the oppressed and my religion is relevant revolution!

Main Entry: re·li·gion
Pronunciation: ri-'li-j&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English religioun, from Latin religion-, religio supernatural constraint, sanction, religious practice, perhaps from religare to restrain, tie back -- more at RELY
1 a : the state of a religious <a nun in her 20th year of religion> b (1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance
2 : a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
3 archaic : scrupulous conformity : CONSCIENTIOUSNESS
4 : a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith
- re·li·gion·less adjective

James 1:27 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.”

A major failure of traditional Leftist organizations, groups and individuals is that they have no Spiritual Foundation or any uplifting soulful appeal. Their pleas to the people for Mass Mobilization fall upon deaf ears. They fail to reach out to the good-hearted millions who attend traditional religious services. Many are trapped in the Old Vanguard Marxist mentality of atheism and throw the baby out with the bathwater. Thus, this important area of religion is ‘left by default’ to the rabid reactionary right-wing elements for them to sheer the sheep!

As a Warrior I know there is no other path than the path with heart. I am on the path I am on because my pure heart is in it all the way come what may. We each have our own Truth yet there are basic universal cosmic truths that we should all comprehend and act upon.

John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

I stay straight because in the past chemical addictions have been my downfall and I am still in continued recovery after several years off ‘crank’ as a wheelin’ and dealin’ dope fiend and over one and a half years off alcohol. Plus, in my Ministry I work with a Christian progressive recovery group called CASA at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter to help homeless recovering addicts. Keep in mind there are many kinds of addictions, not just chemical ones.

Ultimately, it is all a Spiritual Healing process that involves us getting rid of our character defects, work on our shortcomings and destroying our inner demons. The revolution begins within!

One must strive to set a personal example about what one tries to educate others about in order to ‘lead forth’ or else one is a confused foolish hypocrite.

Plus, when I say straight I mean more than mere sobriety. Hell, my rabbit Smoky is straight! If it was just a matter of sobriety I would say to Hell with it, go get a fifth of Puerto Rican Bacardi Rum and find a handy wild willing woman! I mean being straight with God, straight with others and standing on the Truth!

Alcohol and/or drug addiction has been the ultimate downfall of many, including past leaders. Recall: Huey P. Newton, despite the genius that he was and his great contributions, was killed and died a crack head!

The People’s Liberation Movement should address these ‘critical issues in question’ and not be demented by the demon of denial. That is why I advocate progressive recovery, not merely the dry A.A. Program, but a true Liberation Program that can help build up our characters as humane beings and involves our personal involvement in progressive radical causes for the betterment of humankind.

The main movement I am involved in and building up is the Humane Liberation Movement. If there is to be humane liberation for all there must be a humane liberation movement.

The typical human being is but a two-legged carnivorous animal. On the other hand, a humane being has care, concern and compassion for others. We are ultimately all of one race and one blood: the human race whose blood bleeds red!

We let our enemies keep us divided on the basis of class, race, color, sex and religion because we fail to determine our basic common denominator as human beings with basic survival needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and liberating education.

People require wise seasoned leadership and leaders must lead; the same as a Movement must move forward. We were raised in a sick twisted wicked society and should be aware of our own infections. We should know of our class, cultural and family origins in order to understand ourselves and help others to understand themselves. Thus, we all have our flaws, faults and foibles.

Ultimately, we must create the new humane being of the New Millennium in the 21st Century!

We are one with the survival interests of the majority of the world’s peoples: the Third World in the great continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are not and never have been alone. We just need to be bold, reach out and help is an arm’s length away. We have a wealth of new ideas and a treasure house of past experiences that we can learn from that has already been paid for in blood, sweat and tears, yet, future knowledge of wisdom must be nourished and nurtured with more blood, more sweat and more tears. In a way, I myself am an alien and exile in these Divided States. You and I are not alone as we are of kindred spirits.
Main Entry: 1alien
Pronunciation: 'A-lE-&n, 'Al-y&n
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin alienus, from alius
1 a : belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing : STRANGE b : relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : FOREIGN
2 : differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility
synonym see EXTRINSIC
- alien·ly adverb
- alien·ness  /-lE-&n-n&s, -y&n-n&s/ noun
Main Entry: 1ex·ile  
Pronunciation: 'eg-"zIl, 'ek-"sIl
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English exil, from Middle French, from Latin exilium from exul, exsul an exile
1 a : the state or a period of forced absence from one's country or home b : the state or a period of voluntary absence from one's country or home
2 : a person who is in exile
- ex·il·ic  /eg-'zi-lik/ adjective

From: Man and Socialism in Cuba =By Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

“It is the twenty-first century man whom we must create, although this is still a subjective and unsystematic aspiration… The alienated human individual is bound to society as a whole by an invisible umbilical cord: the law of value. It acts upon all facets of his life, shaping his road and his destiny.

“Under capitalism, man is guided by a cold ordinance which is usually beyond his comprehension. The alienated human individual is bound to society as a whole by an invisible umbilical cord: the law of value. It acts upon all facets of his life, shaping his road and his destiny…..

“It is still necessary to accentuate his conscious, individual and collective, participation in all the mechanism of direction and production and associate it with the idea of the need for technical and ideological education, so that the individual will realise that these processes are closely interdependent and their advances are parallel. He will thus achieve total awareness of his social being, which is equivalent to his full realisation as a human being, having broken the chains of alienation…..

“Socialism is young and makes mistakes. We revolutionaries often lack the knowledge and the intellectual audacity to face the tasks of the development of the new human being by methods different from the conventional ones, and the conventional methods suffer from the influence of the society that created them (once again the topic of the relation between form and content appears). Disorientation is great and the problems of material construction absorb us. There are no artists of great authority who also have great revolutionary authority..…  

“The men of the Party must take this task upon themselves and seek the achievement of the principal aim: to educate the people..…

“Twenty-First Century Man: The error of mechanical realism has not appeared (in Cuba), but rather the contrary. This is so because of the lack of understanding of the need to create a new human being who will represent neither 19th century ideas nor those of our decadent and morbid century. It is the twenty-first century man whom we must create, although this is still a subjective and unsystematic aspiration…..

“In these conditions, the revolutionary leaders must have a large dose of humanity, a large dose of a sense of justice and truth to avoid falling into dogmatic extremes, into cold scholasticism, into isolation from the masses. They must struggle every day so that their love of living humanity is transformed into concrete deeds, into act that will serve as an example, as a mobilizing factor…..

“We will be tempered in daily actions, creating a new human being with a new technology..…

“The personality plays the role of mobilisation and leadership in so far as it incarnates the highest virtues and aspirations of the people and does not become detoured..…

“The road is opened up by the vanguard group, the best among the good, the Party..…

Remember that we must strive to be decent human beings, be the new change we seek in the world and continue to work on our character defects, shortcomings and inner demons. Even on the darkest night I can already see a humane horizon and the Sun rising!

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

Tu Amigo ~ Peta de Sacra

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