Thursday, January 12, 2006

Entry for January 12, 2006:...a cold foggy morning...

Thursday, January 12, 2006 ~ It is a cold foggy morning here and quiet except for the lonely cat meowing outside.

I got Soundscapes on hearing Artist: Ray Song: ‘Safe In The Arms’ Album: Ascend to Love. All forms of communication have power to elevate consciousness in different ways, including the power of music. There is something about non-vocal music without words that speaks to the soul, allow the mind the have its own thoughts and we know that music can be a great healing power .

It is already 8 AM – PST. As usual, after I first wake up, even though I am not fully awake, I slide off my bed and down to my knees and say my early morning brief prayer. I have stick to the same general theme for God to guide my soul, educate my mind and protect my body. I have learned that the same consistent prayer can have more benefits than scattered pleadings. At times I feel like I can be such a whiner in my praying, always asking God for help, to help me with this or that, to help others with their needs and the then general petitions. It is not how long we pray but how sincere, how fervent and how honest we pray.

I suspect some people just say the traditional Lord’s Prayer out of memory, mumbling the words in a routine manner by rote, by repetition without any real thought as to why they are saying. I suppose any prayer is better than no prayer.

Prayer creates faith, faith creates hope and hope creates Love! Love is a powerful motivator than can help all of us to endure and struggle onward. I feel sorry for anyone who has no conscious contact with God and the loneliness of being a human being that must entail for them. It is good to pray and helps one to be good. When one is good, one does good and feels good about one’s self. Thus, prayer is good.

We are always haunted by our character defects : greed, sloth, wrath, lust, gluttony, vanity and wrath. We ask God to help us remove all our character defects, though we may not entirely ever be rid of them, we can make conscious efforts to control them, not let them control us. Character defects can even creep into our prayers, especially in our greed when we selfishly pray to God for this or that for us without even ever thinking of the People.

Each of us as human beings should constantly evolve in our ‘soul character’ beyond being mere human-animals into being true humane beings. A humane being strives to have care, concern and compassion for all Creatures of the Creator God. Plus, as God works in threes, we must come to grips with the fact that we are three-part beings, triad or triune beings, with a mind, body and soul. Above all we must keep in a kind of awake, breathing and creative balance as triune beings, paying attention to the different yet connected parts of our entire being: mind, body and soul expressing our being-ness in its totality.

Now hearing Artist: Libera Song: ~ A Song of Enchantment (2004) ~ Album: Free!

This morning I decided to write this one-page Document instead of checking out the News as I realize that even being a Newshound can be an unbalance if we do not balance our Daily News Reporting with introspection, contemplation and petting the rabbit. I share my little Sanctuary Room with Smokey the Rabbit!

Now hearing Artist: Eric Roberts ~ Song: Cella’s Song (2001) ~ Album: In A Silent Place

"Perhaps when I die, my friends will write on my tombstone ," here lies a dreamer", And my enemies, perhaps they will write, "Here lies a madman" But let no one write "Here lies a coward and a traitor to his ideals" -Ricardo Flores Magon


Thursday, Jan 12, 2006 - 10:12am (PST)

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