Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Update:Martes, Enero 10- 2006

Love Creator God, Help Others!

Here is my Online Personal Journal. I will strive to be Honest , Open and Willing to reveal my innermost thoughts, dreams and aspirations in the hope that this will help to encourage others to do the same.

If you have not noticed before, we live in a wicked world with global chaos, confusion and general craziness. We have an insane pychotic in the Oval Office with a Messiah-complex at the Casa Blanca who is the figurehead for the Amerikan Corporate Empire. We must know the truth about why the USA is in Iraq and how we got there!

There are 6 {six} billion plus people upon Mother Earth and our physical environment is under constant attack. There are wars, rumors of war and many regional skirmishes going on all the time, including gang warfare killings over turf when no one owns a square inch of land.

I live inside the United States, so my opinions about connected reality are mainly about this society that I live in. I have not been fortunate enough to travel around the world. Hell, I am lucky I have a RT {Regional Transit} Pass to go into Downtown for my Meetings.

Regrettably, I have spent most of my life within a few square miles in the Downtown Area of Sacramento, mainly around Southside Park in Barrio Cinco. Although, I did spend a few years living in Phoenix in the mid-80's and once spend a few days in Seattle. I hope to travel to Jerusalem this new year of 2006 in order to visit my dearest Sponsor Doctor Linda who has a three-bedroom house.

Nevertheless, I have talked to many people who have been around the world and they seem as screwed up in the head and sick in their soul as anyone can be. Many times people travel about in order not to face who they really are and avoid working on the character defects of their own wicked ways.

Woe to the lost soul who has traversed the world over many thousands of miles yet has not gone a few inches into his own mind or search his with boldness his own inner heart! We must come to know our Inner Self in order to get to know others better in our personal. social and professional lives. Indeed, the biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement.

For me, writing is my main form of mental therapy, spiritual healing and communicating with others. Many times people do not really listen to each other when they speak together. Often one waits for someone to finish what they are saying to say what they want to say without any real deep honest communication. Such behavior reminds me of a silly pup chasing his own tail not going anywhere but in concentric circles.

Nations fight each other, people hate each other and neighbors do not even know each others names, esp. in urban areas. Often the pets know each other better than the neighbors.

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