Friday, February 24, 2006

02-24-06= Moving Forward!

Today I have One Year and Eight Months of Sober Recovery and am still moving forward one day at a time.

Thus, today is a stepping stone day for me as I continue to carry on one step at a time in this war of life.

I am trying to get into the morning habit of writng in this Journal on certain days, when the spirit moves me to do so. Plus, I am conscious of checking my OCD, ADD tendencies. Sometimes I waste a lot of time, go into too much detail about stuff and get distracted by other tasks that are not really important.

Last night I had a great evening! I went over Hermano Mario's place on Castro Way and he had a small get together there, especially because Sister Marilyn was in Sacra.

Mario works with the Zapatista Solidarity Coalition and he is a truly dedicated brother who is in 'this thing of ours. for the duration.

I really wanting to meet Sister Marilyn and see her 'live and in living color'. She is a helper, a lovely wise lady and a true humane being. We took a few pixs and Mario is suppose to send me copys.

This afternnon I am going to have my first CASA Workshop at the Christian Science Reading Room Downtown.


In fact, I better start getting ready to go to it. More later....

"I believe that people are good if you give them half a chance and that good is more powerful than evil. The world seems to me excruciatingly, almost painfully beautiful at times, and the goodness and kindness of people often exceed that which even I expect." ~ Lois Burhnam Wilson

Love Creator God, Stay Straight and Help Others!

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