Saturday, April 29, 2006

Family Barbeque: April Sabbath

Sabbath, April 29, 2006

Today was a good day with great weather, warm but a bit breezy. A perfect Spring day. In fact, it was a blessed great day. Last week, my Spirit-Sister Diana Hill invited me to atend a family barbeque as her guest so we went today..

I first met Sister Diana at the Salvation Army Cemter of Hope' Homeless Shelter. Sshe use to do CASA Bible Studys when I first went in around June 2004. It seems so long ago and I have grown a lot in Spirit since those early days of my renewed sober recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction.

It was a great day with beautiful people. I was accepted there, especially being Sister Diana's guest. I can see that there was a strong matriarchal system present and she is one of the female Elders. All the people there were cool with me.

For starters, it was the first time I remember going to any kind of barbeque sober and with a large Black family too. Before in my drinking day I would of sniffed out the booze and hustled booze until it ran out. Or ask someone for a store ride to go get booze. So I was really glad about the not being any regular drinking there.
I was always hustling, conniving and manipulating for my booze.

Surprisingly, there was not any real alcohol drinking nor did I smell any marijuana smoking around.

I felt comfortable there and was treated like one of the clan. It was a joy just to observe the people,, to see family seeing each other, relating to each other and coming together as family. Expressions, glances, gleaming eyes!

Surely family is the center of a good, balnaced and well-rounded life.

It reminded me of earlier days with my own family, though, we do not get together as we use to do in 'the old days'.

Sister Diana introduced me to a lot of the family.

Here is a picture of Sister Diana and I:

A picture of Jay's Wife-to-Be Aimee {who is expecting a baby next January}, Husband-to-be Jay {Diana's Son} and sweet Sister Diana:

Here is a picture of Diana and Jay's Littl' Angel Leticia on a slide:

Before we ate we were entertained by a group of female dancers dancing to African music:

Here are a couple of beauties dancing:

Below: I must admit I fell in love with this Sister here who will remain anonymous!

Even later a couple of Sisters just stood up and sang a few beautiful gospel-type songs which were good enough to be recorded. We never know what kind of real talent is right around us in our lives!

Plus, lest I forget, the food itself was greeeeeeaatt! I got stuffed. Tasty Barbeque MEAT, corn, vegetables, macaroni salad and some great carrot cake. I passed up a lot of the other 'comida' and sweets.

Sister Diana's cobbler was gobbled up before I could taste it but I know where the cook lives!

The whole family picnic-barbeque scene made me kind of nostalgic for days long gone in my own family and I felt honored to be amongst such a beautiful family. There were a lot of happy children having fun, laughing and having more fun!

There were a couple of those big air pumped playhouses where children could jump around, go down a slide and just enjoy their childhood!

America is such a racially-hyper-sensitive society. It is natural not to be color blind as we should love all colors, shades and tones. Imagine a black and white world. How dreadfully boring that would be!.

We should all learn to get out of our usual comfort zones and venture into new zones and learn to be comfortable in them, especially when there is no real valid reason for discomfort.

When there is enough inter-racial mixing and mingling we find through our own direct experiences that, as simple as it sounds, people are actually people the wide world over!

We should all do what we can to make this world a better, safer and healthier world for all of us here now and for future generations to come!!!

Surely this world, despite its many problems caused by evil wicked ones, is worth saving, especially for the innocent children who had no hand in making this society as sick and insane as it is today!

Let us not forget, the struggle goes on! Join the Resistance!


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