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Re: [Native Resistance!] 04-25-2006: Question: What is YOUR solution to the Immigration Crisis?

I can blog this with this Email to my PERSONAL BLOG, but I want you actually response to the Immigration Question for me to BLOG!


Don Peta!! Que gusto me dio recibir esta after I read it!

The reason I was able to feel excited is because you echo my amazement also regarding the silence of the gente who undoubtly care every bit as much as anyone. Many are listos for a march of protest, contribute to our causes (and there are many!), out watering their lawns because they cannot afford even the cheapest labor. or just simply tired the revolving 'burning issues' that get intense and more contentious and confronting, surely more than enough to make one sick and tired of it.

Most are taking care of business that demands expanding their duties, roles and functions. And then don't FORGET THE FAMILY porque en este mundo everything revolves around the family whether we fully know it or not. And it not debatable that the family comes first.

Those who continue taking care of the business of providing for the family at the work-place and mow the lawn, have to be certain they are full-filling their mission in life.

They have every reason to believe it when they say: How in the world should I be expected to do anymore. Where in high heaven am I going to find extra time?

Those of us who have experience the world of work related to human services that includes education - although since l978 has been largely forgotten- have known of the art of spinning your wheels, where one has to wonder IS THAT ALL THERE IS? And the answer is: HECK NO!!

There is love in service to our respective communities. And the options are readily available: donations of money, letters to the editor after carefully studying the issues of the day (keep them pithy). In the past couple of decades everybody in the whole world knows the word COMMUNICATIONS. Sometimes it seems the more we get bombarded by it, the less we can find time for our own most intimate desires to express our most valued and even sacred points of view.

We even forget that is it's possible. If not, what does that mean?
It means we believe we have no fate control and turn our backs to civil responsibility.

We become encapsulated with all of its goodies.

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From: Peter S. Lopez de Aztlan
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Subject: FYI: [Native Resistance!] 04-25-2006: Question: What is YOUR solution to the Immigration Crisis?

Venceremos Gente! I have only gotten two responses so far to this question I sent out to some the other day. One from a carnal who worked with Con Safos and the other from a hermano who was a former Nixon adviser.

I would be wary of following anyone who does not stand up for his/her beliefs and opinions. No llase.

I will get responses and blog them on Native Resistance! Or are we passively waiting for a racist U.S. Congress to give us our solution?

I know you are all busy doing what you do, but I still want to know your opinions, your solutions and your positions.

Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta, Native Resistor
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From: Peta de Aztlan <>
Subject: [Native Resistance!] 04-25-2006: Question: What is YOUR solution to the Immigration Crisis?
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 07:13:59 -0700 (PDT)

04-25-2006: Question: What is YOUR solution to the Immigration Crisis?

From: Peter S. Lopez de Aztlan - view profile
Date: Tues, Apr 25 2006 11:54 pm
Email: "Peter S. Lopez de Aztlan" Email:
Brief Profile: I am a long-time humane activist, former Brown Beret, MECHA Member and now Field Coordinator.

Hola Familia de Mi Raza y Todos ~ Got any answer, policy or opinion to following Question?

Question: What is your solution to the Immigration Crisis?

I would be interested in knowing what it is and I suspect others would too. Not just repeating what others say, be they experts or not, but what do YOU THINK? What is YOUR OPINION? What is YOUR ANALYSIS?

In light of history, I myself want to see complete, total and unconditional amnesty for all so-called illegal immigrants or undocumented workers who are already inside the borders of the United States.

Entry: am·nes·ty
Pronunciation: 'am-n&-stE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ties
Etymology: Greek amnEstia forgetfulness, from amnEstos forgotten, from a- + mnasthai to remember -- more at MIND
: the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals
- amnesty transitive verb

Please have the confidence of capacity to give me feedback!

Si Se Puede!
Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta
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