Saturday, May 06, 2006

‘Let There Be A Mass Conspiracy’ By Peta de Aztlan

Let there be a mass conspiracy!
For balanced justice, fair democracy and true living liberty!
So all living beings upon Mother Earth can live in harmony!

Let us conspire against Evil Ones who commit cruel crimes,
Ugly, sick, demented twisted crimes without pity,
Upon all innocents, pure children and the aged elderly.

Let there be a mass conspiracy committed by Mother Nature herself.
Creaked by the crickets, incited by all insects.
Whispered by gentle breezes
Howled by whirling wild winds
Transmitted always by ancient trees
Silently shined by dangling diamonds of night stars.

A mass conspiracy stirred by forgotten memories
Rumored in forgotten lost ruins,
Hand signaled in prisons of mind, body and soul
Grumbled in long food lines and shouted out loud in death chambers!

Let there be a mass conspiracy for equal justice and democracy
Mass conspiracy to bring into a fresh Spring dreams of true liberty
For a humane civilization in a free peaceful world
Wherein all people, love, work play and shine.
In the pure light of our Creator divine!

Let there be a mass conspiracy!
So all people can come together as one
So no good noble deed will be left undone
So we can all breathe deep under a free sun
As free beings with integrity in the dignity of liberty.

Join the mass conspiracy!
And let all your foolish fears flee!

( By Peter S. Lopez ~aka Peta de Aztlan

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