Saturday, November 03, 2007

11-3-07: Making the time to focus...

Sabbath, November 3, 2007 @6:21 AM

I am just taking a minute to check in here. Got my little check from TSA yesterday @$624+ net, paid rent @$425 + utilities @$35, helped FMS get her cell phone updated @$50+ and took care of a little other business. My job simply does not pay enough and sometimes I feel 'less than' certain other ones who are so sucked up into the system that it gets despicable when they profile so pathetically. But don't let me start complainin'.

I do count my blessings, need to earn more money and make the time to focus more on my creative writing.




I really believe that time is the quintessence of all in the cosmos. Look at how much time impacts, influences and invades our personal world on a constant basis, whether we are conscious of its passing or not!

Well I need to get ready to depart for another Sabbath day of work at Sally's. I pray the day goes well for all concerned, especially my homeless family!

@7:22 PM
I had good workshops and took care of what I have to take care of today. Shortly after I arrived home our neighbor Sonny came by and we talked about the Wind Program. I invited him to a workshop next Saturday morning @8:30 AM and he can give a brief presentation when I ask for any announcements. Sonny is a good brother, plays bass and should do well in the future. He is claiming my natal birthday of November 15th as his sobriety date of I believe six years.

Barb called and said there was a check over there for me, at least, a check in my name as $200 of it will to to her with a bit left for me. I do not mind as it has been a win-win situation. These days I hardly go over there. She called back and said that as of November 15th I will no longer be getting hours with her, which is fine with me as I have other more important matters to attend to and she will do well. I do not really deserve the post as I rarely do anything for her these days. However, I do have my Desktop computer over there and need to get my stuff from there, esp. my computer. More will be revealed!

Well right now I am watching CSI-Miami!

I understand that humans have five major sense organs: the senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. On the internet we can access the senses of sight and hearing easy enough. In relation to 'sight' we can use either typed words and /or images, especially when we use short video clips like YouTube.
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