Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tata Back In Sacra!

June 1, 2008 ~ Today, on my way to a CASA Meeting at Sally's, I went by the Cabana Motel and saw my Baby Brother Bobby ~ Tata ~ up in Room 42.

It was good to see him after he had been locked up for four months at Rio Consumnes Correctional Center (The Ranch). So now it is up to him to count his blessings and make the most of himself for himself and for the people who truly care about him.

That's Tata up there!

Tata on landing

Tata in Room 42 at Cabana Motel

Tata - my 'Baby' Brother

Later on he showed up at our CASA Meeting. It was chaired by Sister Angel who gave a good strong testimony about her struggles and recovery from addiction after enduring a hard raising. Tata mentioned how we are good people, not bad. Indeed, we are not bad people, but ill people trying to get well.

We can and will overcome our various addictions. There is a cure, a wholistic cure that can help us all. Keep the faith, love the Creator and just do it one day at a time. ~Brother Peta

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