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8-11-08> Unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of Amerika!

10:57 PM ~ Hola Companero Tata ~ I suppose shelter policy has changed since you were at Sally's before. Those who have never been in before should have priority and deals are made with other shelters. Yes, there are exceptions. Were you not one before? Tomorrow we will see.

I may have to disturb some staff there because I see way too many exceptions which may be merely David's favorites! Our Director will be back in about a week. I need to try to maintain unity among staff, even when I disagree with some decisions. I strive to always look at the big picture!

Try not to be bitter about it all. It is easy for me to say. It is what it is. We should of had our own houses by now with our wives, our kids growing up together and them having kids of their own in one big happy family!

Nowadays, the connected reality is that we exist in two different existential realities with a future of infinite possibilities before us!.

Be careful, bitterness can be such a bore and burden. Remember what has been communicated between us. All these years I have only asked on main thing of you: Love God, stay straight and help others. You have severe difficulty just staying straight! Who's fault is that?

I am not the shot caller in all this, just don't let it get you down or if it does ~ do not let it keep you down. The goal is mature independent living, not getting into a shelter.

I know about bitterness in my own way. For example, it has taken me years of self-imposed anguish to get over my bitterness with Dad. Now I  feel love for him more than ever because I understand him and the social forces that drove him. Each generation does the best with what they got and at times people really are doing their level best.

My thoughts and feelings about this fascist government has changed and evolved. In the end, people get the government they deserve and if they want a better one then they need to organize together, unite based upon basic common survival needs and seize the time to topple the Evil Empire by any means mandatory. We have utterly failed to use simple tools and weapons that are at our disposal to reach out to people, especially using the Internet, creating local community survival programs and working on creating central city communes.

Alas, Amerkans are quite content to leave the running of the world to fascist fools like those in the Bush Rogue regime.

The former Soviet Union and the former People's Republic of China, once the model revolutionary societies for us to follow have been destroyed by the enemies within and sank into forms of revisionism.

To be fair, the world has not seen what a mature socialist society is capable of in all its blossoming because corporate capitalism still corners the market, though Presidente Hugo is giving them a run for his money and fortunately President Evo Morales of Bolivia, the land where Che Guevara fought and died, recently won his referendum.

The Black Panther Party was once actually the vanguard party of the people's vanguard elements with even greater revolutionary potential, but ultimately they too were destroyed by the enemies within: character defects, stark shortcomings and inner demons. The Brown Berets faded away like an old general victims of their own bloated egos. The Chicano Movement was not able to take the great leap  forward beyond Chicano cultural nationalism into worldwide socialist revolutionary consciousness. I could go further, but you get my drift.

As our Field Marshal and General George Lester Jackson mused about in Blood In My Eye, what do we do after the earlier revolutionary thrusts of the various movements in Amerika have utterly failed?!?!?

On a cosmic level, we create our own reality, our own karma, our own situation. Somewhere along the way we should see that in general our living conditions are the direct result of our choices, our own decisions and our own pathways. It is always easier to say 'he' let me down or  'they' let me down.

When all is said and done, when the clouds of  confusion have cleared on a brand new day, we should see that many times we ourselves let our own selves down by not rising up in time to meet the challenges before us, by not overcoming any and all obstacles in our way and certainly by not meeting our own responsibilities.

Discipline, Direction and Determination are the three D's we need to keep uppermost in mind in our socialist struggles. There is always the struggles and tensions between Light and Darkness, between the Truth and Falsehood.

I have just been wanting warriors to help me fight the struggle, comrades whom I can count on to show up in good form: hard, strong and under control!

Individuals have always let me down.  All my heroes are dead. I really thought I would be a lot further advanced that I am now. I knew years ago that I had to stay sober for others, my loved ones and myself or nothing would be accomplished for our Liberation War.

Remember: Comrade Huey was on crack when he was killed by a young ghetto punk who thought he would get brownie points for killing him from the BGF. The report I got was that Huey was ripping off crack dealers for his own high! He went out and never came back!

Active dope fiends hell bent on self-destruction should ultimately be sen as the selfish counter-revolutionaries they are! Yet I was once one myself so I know what potential can be made manifest, but it gets extremely lonely for me. The mad man howling at the full moon, silent screams echoing into the darkness whispering: Wake Up! Wake Up!

Outside the sirens are blaring, crackheads are cussing each other out  and now Russia has invaded Georgia.

I will do what I can from my Command Post and find safety here in my private sanctuary. My neighbor Peaches and I have fallen in love and we are surprisingly compatible.

Tomorrow work will be the same shit. The differences are some days the shit is tight and other days the shit is loose, but it is still the same shit. We are only reaching the lower bottom of the homeless problem in Sacramento. We need to fully understand that the homeless in Amerika are our own domestic refugees! They have fallen through any so-called safety nets!

What is recession for the middle-class in Amerika worsens into an all-out depression for the lower economic classes. Many who can help us have left us to take care of ourselves and we will.

Remember: the ultimate aim of totalitarian fascism is to destroy all revolutionary consciousness! An impossible endeavor for the fascist pigs, but how many have to die meaningless deaths before we all wake up from this nightmare?!?!?!?!

I echo Comandante Che:

Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism, and a battle hymn for the people's unity against the great enemy of mankind: the United States of America. Wherever death may surprise us, let it be welcome, provided that this, our battle cry, may have reached some receptive ear, that another hand may be extended to wield our weapons, and that other men be ready to intone our funeral dirge with the staccato singing of the machine guns and new battle cries of war and victory!

Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~ aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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Definitely an interesting case though one of many. I've also experienced each of these matters, other than actually shooting down "collectors". Ordering hits on people was one matter, higher echelons of the Hispanic Gang/Prison groups asking my advice on subjects and individuals. Sometimes a little discipline was called for. I see one of the individuals nowadays by Loaves and Fishes. a few weeks back I hollered at him and his cowardice he showed. There is so much to the stories that I know, how to change those experiences to actual words of wisdom is the other part. Though I am very leery still to get 'involved' I do feel an emptiness within from Not sharing. I lost my pen-pal for a bit during her blackout in recovery. My writing has currently stopped. I barely say hello to people nowadays. I share a deep bitterness of trying to get into Sally's especially having to slowly get an apartment or studio at the same time. We all have good counsel to offer...... hopefully we will see a little more coming from me.................


Respectfully Yours


Robert S. Lopez




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Hola hermano Tony ~ Life has been going pretty good for me. I hae a new gal that I am interested in, still got my job at Camp Chaos and I need to get ready for a CASA-12 Steps Meeting at 7 PM.

I want to share your story. You should know that you are not a loser, especially once you lost your own dope fiend ways. That Brother Art, as you said, came to you because he saw you as a non-condemning friend. You are exactly where God wanted you to be. I will call you soon.

I live in a great apartment at a great location and I have risen in love with my neighbor Peaches.. She lives right next door to me here on the 5th Floor.

The New CASA Number: 916-346-4483
Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~ aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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