Monday, September 08, 2008

For the record... it was August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008 @6:30 AM ~ It is my free day. I need to go over to Mark's and gather my stuff over there. Plus, contact Barbara about getting my other stuff. I slept well last night.

John-Paul asked me to be his sponsor for one reason or another. I told him I would be his guide. I will guide males or females without sexual discrimination, yet watch myself when it comes to taking liberties with women I work with, especially so as not to trigger them into a relapse.

@11:18 AM ~ I am back at my Command Center. Mark and I moved the rest of my stuff here. Stella was so glad to see me. We moved it up here, Peaches helped and she introduced me to the Staff as her boyfriend. Sondra said I was 'a good catch', but I do not feel like a fish… though I relate to dolphins. Then, Peaches and I walked to the store on 13th & F Streets ~ the old Sturgie's store. She got stuff to cook with and I got some 'pan dulce' Pigs ~ a childhood memory I was surprised to find there.

Earlier when we were moving I saw Brother Mike Moore with a sister. He wants to move in here too! I hope we get some good powerful people here and maybe we can create a solid base of operations for other revolutionizing community activities!

So I got stuff to unpack, store and place in my little sanctuary apartment now!

@2:00 PM ~ Sorted most of the stuff out and found a few items I had been looking for. These days I make it a point not to collect more objects, to save stuff in case one of these lifetimes I will need it and have found that many people end of burdened with all the stuff they collect over a lifetime. We would be surprised how little we actually need in our life to succeed! Sometimes less is more.

@11:11 PM ~ Well, I am ready for a good nights sleep. Sweet Peaches and I made love together earlier tonight. She showed up at my door in a black nightgown and said, "I just took a shower, take me I'm yours'! Afterward s, we opened up a glass of apple cider champagne, smoked those obligatory cigarettes and gently conversed. She is so sweet, petite and sensuous. She is a good fit for me! So much more to come!!! Hallelujah!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 @6:23 AM ~ A quiet morning, here alone and having Georgia 'Peach' in my life certainly adds a new exciting flavor to it. I will try my best to make this work and see what dreams are made of for us.

@10:56 PM ~ Peach made me a great breakfast. She is a natural.

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Came up from work, Peach showed up and we just spent quiet time together. It is really pleasant to be with her and she can be so so beautiful. In relationships, people need to spend more time just being with each other without having to have one kind of entertainment or another...... besides we easily entertain one another in various ways!


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