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 Thursday, September 18
Daily Cosmic Calendar

The Moon's entry into Taurus is enhanced by the lunar orb making a flowing trine to giant Jupiter in Capricorn (3:20PM PDT). By adding on a flowing lunar trine to Saturn in Virgo (5:08PM PDT), you can actually tap into a supportive grand triangle in earth signs. This is a signal that high-level and astute professional and business planning can lead to stunning success. You may still have to work hard and put in your dues, but the Moon doesn't always make harmonious links like this with the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Take advantage of every piece of good luck coming your way. Gardening and planting rituals gain favor with the Moon transiting through Taurus territory today and Friday.


Go over your insurance policies and coverage with a fine-tooth comb during the monthly Moon-Vesta union (6:42PM PDT). This time-period can double as a resourceful energy-field when it comes to revitalizing your investment strategies. Make sure you have more than one financial contact or adviser with whom you can huddle and discuss important options for padding your bank account.


Remaining productive and prolific in your key areas of expertise tonight will be crucial as Jupiter in Capricorn makes an awkward, 150-degree link to Ceres in Leo (8:09PM PDT). Take maternal figures and children in your family circle under your wing. Give stubborn attitudes and behavior patterns the boot.


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