Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008: Daily Cosmic Calendar

Take it for what it is worth and remember that your own interaction with the cosmos as a creature of the creator has an impact on it all on the cosmic and quantum levels. ~ Peta

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Monday, October 13
Daily Cosmic Calendar

See today as the calm before the storm for several astrological reasons. First, the powerful Full Moon -- in alliance with far away Eris in Aries -- is only a day away and its psychic, emotional ripples are already influencing millions around the globe. Secondly, Mercury in Libra -- in reverse motion since September 24 -- is slowing down again in preparation for its station and turn forward on Wednesday October 15.

When almost an entire week is dominated by Mercury virtually motionless, communications can seem much more odd, disjointed, unclear or hard to decipher. In addition, travel plans, meetings and conferences have a greater chance of being disrupted. This is not because Mercury is behaving badly, but that human beings don't slow down enough to heed important messages coming from the subconscious and super-conscious realms of existence.

Therefore, wisdom dictates that you start this week with an extra dose of common sense, responsibility and focus. Utilize the monthly Moon-Mercury opposition (1:42PM PDT) to gain this newfound clarity. The lunar polarity to Mercury follows the Moon's entry into forceful, assertive Aries (12:08AM PDT).

Otherwise, the cosmos is giving you a rare breather and refraining from overloading you with challenging alignments from dawn to dusk. Only a subtle and yet still helpful Venus-Juno 30-degree rapport from Scorpio to Sagittarius (8:12PM PDT) seems to give you positive momentum -- particularly in the spheres of fashion, the fine arts, interior decorating and romance.

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