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Saturn in Scorpio ~By Jeff Jawer ~

Saturn in Scorpio

Hope on for an intense ride during this 2-year transit

Saturn in Scorpio

Jul 25, 2013

Saturn, the planet of hard, cold reality, enters Scorpio on October 5, and there it will wield its considerable influence during the following two years. This is a very significant transit because of the intensity associated with both the planet and sign. Saturn sets boundaries, contains, restricts and limits. Astrological tradition considered it the most difficult of all the planets and called it the "greater malefic." Scorpio is associated with sex, death, power and transformation. We are in for an interesting ride.

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Fortunately, modern astrologers have developed a more balanced picture of Saturn -- one that recognizes its constructive side instead of simply focusing on its negative traits. A healthy Saturn enables us to establish a sense of purpose and a plan to achieve it. It is a planet of discipline, commitment, patience and maturity that provides order, mastery and self-control. Its presence in a sign will expose our limitations in meeting its aspirations, yet when we are clear about our goals and advance cautiously and steadily Saturn helps us to fulfill that sign's purpose.

Scorpio is as complex as Saturn and suffers similarly negative astrological press. This sign often invokes a sense of fear because it's about facing parts of ourselves that can be difficult to accept. It is about deepening relationships as we move beyond the romantic stage presented in the previous sign Libra, and it merge bodies, minds, emotions and bank accounts. This kind of intimacy is desirable, but scary because it threatens us with a loss of self. Joining in this deep way involves giving up some independence to be transformed by a potent connection.

Scorpio is also associated with desire, jealousy and, perhaps unfairly, manipulation. It operates from gut instinct and isn't very amenable to reason. Scorpio represents shared resources, making us more aware of what we give for what we get in return. On the surface this doesn't appear to be generous, yet a more measured approach to partnering tends to keep both sides honest.

Looking through our darkest glasses we can see Saturn in Scorpio in very negative terms. Financial contraction, environmental damage, corruption and sexual abuse are on the shadowy side of the ledger. However, instead of just repression and secrecy, Saturn offers the potential for responsibility. Managing scarce resources, cleaning up environmental and financial messes, and a greater degree of accountability in relationships are potential benefits.

Scorpio's connection with sex and death bring these vital issues into focus during Saturn's transit. Further debate over when life begins and other reproductive matters is likely to continue to be in the news. We may get a backlash against sexual freedom and attempts to roll back the rights of homosexuals. Still, there's hope that a more mature discussion of sexuality will occur that respects the rights and privacy of all.

Both Saturn and Scorpio are about concentration and can lead to a re-evaluation of materialism. The freewheeling, every-person-for-himself, entrepreneur-as-king trend may be waning as we turn away from the excesses of unbridled individualism. We are likely to have a growing awareness of how interdependent we are. Problems with food, water and power are reminders that no one is an island. A potential benefit, then, is a reduction in rampant materialism as we shift from a consumer culture to a service economy. Life's rewards may be less about things and more about the quality of the experiences we share. Instead of numbing ourselves by purchasing objects we really don't need, we may tap into the boundless resources of our feelings and learn to share them more deeply with others.

Note: I want to be more aware of astrological influences on my life these days. I use to check out my horoscope and get the monthly magazines, before Internet days. Now I know that we need to examine a person's whole chart, plus consider psychological and environmental aspects that impact and/or influences our lives.

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