Thursday, June 12, 2008

Read: love and compassion for the evil one

Wednesday, June 12, 2008 @7:15 PM

Gracias Jeremiah ~ I almost forget your actual given name, though I am use to Jeremiah Reed. It has more of a frontier flavor to it.

I hafe a precious friend named Christian whom I have neglected for awhile. She is a Christian Scientist at the Reading Room downtown @ 900 J Street across the street from Cesar Chavez Plaza Park (whose name was innspired by my old friend former Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna).

Check out its new website:

The Dictator once had me take down an unauthorized blog about TSA from the Internet, hext me delete a year's worth of positive successful YouTube Videos at the risk of being fired and has been a petty tyrant in my life. Sister Christian said I should just lovfe her more. It is always easier when one is not in the situation dealing with the evilness of others. Sometimes it is hard trying to be a Christian and I do not try to be a Christian. I strive to be good to myself and others.

Besides. Jesus Christ never said 'Be ye Christians!'.

I usually just go to and fro to work at Sally's, then, come home to work on my main job of thinking, writing and researching.

I still remmeber when we talked about that idea of using that place on 12th Street to help with Jesus for Jobs. Alas, sometimes dreams only remain dreams, but dreams are not lost. Sometimes they merely take other manifestations.

I know I want a better job where I can contribute on a larger scale without stressing about getting suspended or fired because of the reactionary ways of some. What cracks me up is how little people know about the true life of General William Booth ~ the Founder of the Salvation Army and the hard struggles he had to go through to get it going.


Come Together and Create!
Peter S. Lopez ~ aka:Peta
Sacramento, California, Aztlan

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Subject: love and compassion for the evil one
Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008, 6:32 PM

to the great grey bearded one:
don't let her (evil one) get to you at your job. its not about her its about your work helping others. god put you there let him redirect you. go to jehovah god ask him to help you forgive the evil one and i know jehovah will solve your problem.he does it for me all the time.
i want you to invite me to one of your sunday meetings. casa i think. anyway to get back soon. i am anixous to go.

your friend in christ

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