Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Your June Forecast ~ for Scorpio

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Dear Peter,
It's June, the month of leaves and roses, and it's time to take a look at what the month holds for us astrologically.
On June 19, Mercury finally turns direct. Communication becomes less confusing and making decisions should longer be such a battle. The time is perfect to communicate all of your great ideas!
Uranus, however, turns retrograde on June 26. When Uranus turns retrograde, expect the unexpected. This is a time of surprising events, and things probably won't go as planned. Embrace changes as they occur and be flexible.
Of course, June 20 also officially ushers in summer in the northern hemisphere, when the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer and we experience the longest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere, the reverse is true and this is the shortest day of the year. Cancer is concerned with family and home, and is also all about compassion and nurturance, making this a wonderful time to remember the importance of family, hearth and home.
As the planets move through the cosmos, they form special relationships with the planets and points in our individual birth charts. In astrology, these celestial movements are known as 'transits' and are one of the main techniques used by astrologers to predict and understand your unique life plan.
Use the power of predictive astrology with your personalized June Forecast. This detailed monthly forecast by renowned astrologer Art Poppe analyzes the effect of each one of the many transits on you personally, based on where and how the planets are placed in your individual birth chart. Anticipate how these celestial movements will play out in your life this coming month. Order your personalized June Forecast today!
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