Sunday, September 21, 2008

9-21-08: Cosmic Calendar:

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Sunday, September 21
Daily Cosmic Calendar

It's normal to feel a sense of relief following a day when Mars skirmished with Saturn while the Sun formed an abrasive sky pattern with Pluto -- the lord of the underworld. Now you want to take that sense of relief and do something positive and progressive with it. There's no real reason -- astrologically -- why you cannot take a great leap forward.

The Moon in Libra makes flowing trine patterns to Chiron (12:14AM PDT), Mars (8:36AM PDT), Neptune (9:09AM PDT), Mercury (10:06AM PDT) and Venus (6:34PM PDT). These five, harmonious lunar alignments can equate with ingenious ideas percolating in your consciousness throughout the day.

In addition, a terrific and inspiring Mars-Neptune trine from Libra to Aquarius takes hold at 7:59PM PDT. Your personal magnetism and charisma may be on the upswing. All in all, this is a superb day to zero in on beloved arts, crafts and hobbies to your heart's content.

However, tensions can return tonight when the Moon makes its monthly opposition to Pluto (8:21PM PDT) followed by the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (activating 30 degrees of Virgo and Gemini at 10:05PM PDT).

Any quarter moon cycle carries the potential for a mini-crisis in which you need to accentuate crystal clear communication and common sense. This solar-lunar clash also begins a short lunar void cycle that lasts until 10:50PM PDT and the arrival of nurturing and family-oriented Cancer Moon.

Get set for a seasonal change tomorrow when the Sun begins its 30-day transit through airy Libra.

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