Monday, April 30, 2012

Online Journal: April 16-30, 2012 @Peta_de_Aztlan
Monday, April 16, 2012
@2:48 PM ~ These are quiet gentle times here in my little Sanctuary Room. I am getting more use to this life-style now. I has been a long time since I did not have to deal with certain kinds of environmental stress. It is cool being on SSI, working on my personal issues and generally spending my time doing what I want to do, not merely what I have to do.

As a rule, wherever we are and whatever we do has its positive and negative qualities. The ideal is to maximize the positive and minimize the negative.

I need to look at work as the worthwhile expenditure of positive energy, that is, what is positive to me. I am 'I', you are 'you' and the word 'we' refers to the both of us or all of us. Words are tricky ways to communicate as it is so we need to be mindful of how we use them, especially in sensitive situations. Words can be healing words,  can help people feel better in different ways and can be extremely powerful in life. Our conscious capacity to utilize words makes us a lot different than other animals in the animal kingdom.

We should use words to explore truth, to share ideas and ideals, not to hurt or maim the souls of other creatures. We all need to learn how to consistently be kind to humankind. So many fools are hung up on always getting the last word, always having to be right and thus making someone else wrong in the process. Sometimes we just have to let others have their way and consider the real importance of having to be right in a given debate. Many arguments we engage in these days may seem so shallow and stupid years from now.

I'm listening to "Shine On" by ATB on Pandora now ~Puts me in a good traveling mood.

@9:39 PM ~ Went to Grocery Outlet this afternoon, then bought some pants at Goodwill Store by 17th & L Streets. This evening I have been watching the Ustream in New York by #OWS. @Timcast on Twitter.

Now it has moved to

It is amazing the power of the Internet and I hope it stay as it is now. I know the fascist pigs hate the very idea of there even being an Internet with its Internet Power. I am not sure how long it will be as it is, but it is certain that if American fascism damages it for us there will be literally millions of people in the USA and around the world who will be like major pissed off.

The Internet is still amazing to me, especially as much as I am on it, networking with other folks around the country and getting insights from others who are physically far from me but who are as kindred spirits.
@10:00 PM ~ Here in Sacramento, California.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

@11:33 AM ~ I was up late last night and got out of bed around 10 AM. It is nice just to get able to get out of bed and not up off a couch as I did for months before. I made myself a pot of cafe and am looking forward to some good typing today.

Some Tweets from this morning ~

10 Apr John Dorig John Dorig ‏ @JohnDeeCa Great video on the making of The Red Book written by Carl #Jung #occupypsyche #depthpsych #psychology Retweeted by Peter S. López View video 28 Mar

Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr ‏ @MirandaKerr Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.-- Carl Jung Retweeted by Peter S. López

"Discovering yourself provides you with all you are, were meant to be, and all you are living from and for" Carl #Jung #Jungian #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"Today we are living in a time of barbarian invasions, but they take place inwardly in the psyche of the people" Carl Gustav #Jung #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"The facts of nature cannot in the long run be violated. They will undermine any system that fails to take them into account" #Jung #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"We keep forgetting that we are primates and have to make allowances for these layers in the psyche" Carl Gustav Jung #jung #jungian #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"The loss of instinct is primarily responsible for the pathological condition of our contemporary culture" Carl Gustav Jung #Jung #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"The development of personality means fidelity to the law of one's own being" Carl Gustav Jung #jung #jungian #quote Be True To Self. Retweeted by Peter S. López

"It is not the universal & the regular that characterize the individual, but rather the unique" Carl Gustav Jung #jung #jungian #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

"The unconscious mind of man sees correctly, even when conscious reason is blind and impotent" Carl Gustav Jung #jung #jungian #quote Retweeted by Peter S. López

Let us pray for the endangered species of humans on planet Earth ~that we survive our own character defects and come together in time.

Let us pray we open our hearts to the seeds of divinity within us as we strive to be ever more humane in all our relations.

Let us pray we strive to understand more than be understood, to love more than be loved and to be humane in a inhumane world.

Let us pray for those who are lost and confused between the extremes of the Left and the Right, that they find truth within.

Let us pray for those who hoard food out of fear of there not ever being enough while their neighbors go hungry.

Let us pray for those who have lost hope and are fighting to survive in these tough times in search of food for body and soul.

Let us pray for and help those who are illiterate ~ who cannot read or write, who do not know the full magic of words.

Let us pray for a loving humane spirit. a sane sound mind and a healthy body free of disease for all people. Let us pray for those who are too busy to pray, yet wonder why life is not working out for them. We are beings, not doings.

Let us pray we do not become so obsessed with changing the external world that we neglect what we can change within ourselves.

Let us pray for those who suffer from the affliction of addiction, in whatever form addiction manifests, and that they seek treatment. 

Let us pray for our parents, the caretakers and custodians of the future through their children. Give them strength of character.

Let us pray we can help the forgotten children, the abandoned orphans, victims of child abuse.and inhumane child trafficking.

Let us pray for unity based upon our common humanity, not only sex, race, color or culture. Unity is strength. Let us pray that we rid our personalities of our character defects and strive to improve our personal shortcomings.

Let us pray for all the homeless refugees in the world ~ the results of failed states and a collapsing civilization.

Let us pray we come to know who are our genuine friends and who are our true enemies in the world. Unite with true friends.

Let us pray that we see our common survival needs and unite together as one based upon our basic common needs

Let us pray for the freedom of Leonard Peltier and not forget our loved ones in Amerika's modern concentration camps.

Let us pray we come to see that we are all of the family of humanity daily struggling to survive and succeed in the world.

Let us pray for the growth and expansion of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Let the people occupy and establish power for the people.

Praise the Lord and let pure love guide us today. Let the lovers be lovers and the haters be haters. Liberation is love motivated.

#Mexico raises alert for Popocatepetl volcano | Reuters ~ ~

Yes, there is such a way as being sane ~all matters being relative. There are over 7 billions truths on Mother Earth.

@10:40 PM ~ It has been another pleasant day in my life. I do not take these days  for granted. My past life has had a lot of storms and stresses. It is good just to have a well-deserved pleasant day.

“No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.”
— Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
@2:33 PM ~ I woke up late again this morning around 10 AM. Kendra our Manager here at Shasta invited me to attend a little meeting with Brother Eben and her about starting up an A.A. Meeting here which will have its 1st A.A. Meeting at 5 PM on May 12th ~ which is a Sunday. That works out cool for me as I can leave here about 6 PM, catch the Light Rail then make the CASA 12-Steps Meeting at 7 PM.

Brother Eben and I discussed A.A. and related 'issues in recovery'. I expounded a bit on some of my ideas and ideals revolving around Progressive Recovery.

Sad to hear about the death of Dick Clark. I tweeted this morning that, believe it or not, he was a stable factor in my wild teen years. Links ~

Dick Clark dead at 82 - Celebrity Circuit - CBS News:
Dick Clark Death: E! Online:

Yes, life is tragile and should be treasured ~ no matter how bad it gets, it beats being dead. Life goes on within us and without us.

Thursday, April 19, 2012
@11:39 PM ~ Went to bed last night pretty early for me, woke up a bit late. I believe in sleeping as long as my body feels like it needs sleep, plus I got by my mental clarity. I  really do not do any strenuous physical labor these days so it is not as if I need to 'rest' my tired body. I know sleep is essential for good daily performance.

My Coffee Pot I got from  Sister Linda is down. I tinkered with it but it is still not working. Maybe this is a sign  from the Universe. I boiled some green tea. I  am going to the local store for a cup of coffee. My bad.

Talked to a beautiful sweet sister named Lois here in the kitchen area for a bit. She is from the Bay Area. She is a twin and her birthday is the 23rd of this April. Sadly her male twin was killed in a drive-by shooting I guess a few years back.

@8:05 PM ~ Went to SPCA Thrift Store earlier and got a few items. Tomorrow is already Friday. Time goes by moment after moment.

Great VIDEO Apr 17, 2012 ~ 45:41 min ~ Educating the Heart VIA @DalaiLama: ~ Namaste

Published on Apr 17, 2012 by gyalwarinpoche His Holiness the Dalai Lama's talk to high school and college students held at the University of Hawaii's Stan Sheriff Center on Oahu, Hawaii, on April 14, 2011. ( Video courtesy of Pillars of Peace (
Category: Education
License:Standard YouTube License

VIDEO Apr 14, 2011 ~ 45:41 min ~ Educating the Heart VIA @DalaiLama: ~ Namaste

With inner strength or mental stability, we can endure all kinds of adversity.~ @DalaiLama

Genuine happiness requires peace of mind or a degree of mental composure. ~ @DalaiLama

The Anthropocene, a geological era characterized by the influence of a single species:

Friday, April 20, 2012
@9:58 AM ~ I figure that if something we to happen to me, such as, I could not type or if I did in an accident, that this blog may be one of the few pieces of evidence that I even ever lived. That is an awesome thought if you think about it.

There is some truth to the idea that we are all alone as an individual on an existential earth-plane level. We can have those who love us and good friends, yet we suffer our personal pain and triumphs within. We do need a real 'sense of community', a 'sense of belonging', a sense of 'being part of a tribe' in order for us to feel more whole and complete.

I AM going to start off my mornings blogging here, instead of getting scattered out right away online. I feel a 'sense of community' when I post on Twitter, but much of the work to be done is on myself, without being selfish and self-centered. The more I understand myself, the more my subconscious becomes conscious, then, the better I can understand others. I feel better already.

Since I had no coffee here I went to the K Street Market by 10th and got a couple of cups of coffee and a little jar of instant coffee. Whatever works, works.

Sabbath, April 21, 2012
@9:18 PM ~ I had a pretty cool day. Today is Earth Day, though we should honor and respect Mother Earth every day in what ways that we can. I did a couple of YouTube Videos I took on the K Street Mall, blogged a bit though I had a few screws up on the part of Google Blog not me as it did not Publish like it was suppose to be, did my usual Tweets on Twitter and before long the day became the night.

My Amigo Mike AKA El Gallo has decided to move back down into the Sacramento Valley. That is a good thing for me as he is one of the best really close comrades I have in my live around me in the flesh, though I have connected up with some cool folks online, especially via Twitter.

We endure each day, persevere with patience and do prayers in our kindly actions to each other. Words are such relative symbols ~thoughts typed on a keyboard, subject to difference interpretations and affecting the psyche on difference levels.

I know much of what is wrong that we can make right is with ourselves, our perceptions of connected reality and trying to erase the division between appearances and what is really real. It is not just a matter of overthrowing governments via revolutinary violence. After all that has happened the last few decades, we can see that we need to look at and understanding revolutinary theory and its praxis on a far deeper more humane level that we have. We have to quit looking for a Messiah, a Supreme Leader or a Great Guide to help us come up out of this mess. There is not Messiah I see on the horizon. Alas, we must see that it is up to uere mere imperfect mortals here upon Mother Earth to make the changes that we can and to make those changes with carefulness and a higher level of consciousness.

Sunday, April 22, 2012
@8:26 AM ~ I am glad I woke up  with my Rooster on my mobile phone at 6:30 AM and actually got up for the day. I might take a nap later this afternoon. I have a CASA Meeting at Sally's later.

Yes, I am getting use to this NOT having to jump up out of bed in the mornings, jump in the shower, get dressed and head out the door to work. I will appreciate my blessings and not get lazy in relation to engaging in creative pursuits and productive activity. I see other folks who are on SSI and I do not really see folks involved in a creative project, a community group or another form of constructive work. I cannot settle with my little allowance from SSI, though, do not get me wrong I do appreciate it!

I guess in a way folks can consider me retired,  but I cannot retire in this lifetime when there is so much to do, to experience and to contribute to creating a better wiser humanity. To me to consider myself as being retired would be kind of a near-death experience. Thus, despite my set limited SSI income I will do what I can to increase my personal income as a long-range goal and continue working on Mother Earth until I croak!

Elder Thomas BanyacyaYou have been telling the people,
That this is the eleventh hour.
Now, you must go and tell the people,
That THIS is the hour,
And there are things to be considered.

Where are you living? What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in the right relationship?
Where is your water? 
Know your garden ...
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community,
Be good to each other.
Do not look outside yourself for a leader.
There is a river flowing now very fast,
It is so great and swift.
That there are those who will be afraid,
They will try to hold onto the shore.
They will feel they are being pulled apart,
And will suffer greatly.
Understand that the river knows its' destination,
The elders say we must let go of the shore.
Push off into the middle of the river,
Keep our eyes open and our heads above water.
And I say; see who is in there with you,
Hold fast to them and celebrate!
At this time in history,
We are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves!
For the moment we do,
Our spiritual growth and journey comes to an end.
The time of the Lone Wolf is over!
Gather yourselves! 
Banish the word 'struggle' from Your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done,
In a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are all about to go on a journey,
We are the one's we have been waiting for!
--- Thomas Banyacya Sr. (1910-1999);
Speaker of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote Clan
Elder of the Hopi Nation

@2:17 ~ I  took a shower. Just cleaning up and listening to Pandora. I have my CASA Meeting at 7 PM.

@11:54 PM ~ It has been a good day and it is now a quiet night. Sometimes I feel spirits swirling around me. I reamm that we need to think globally and not get all tied up in just our little personal life. There are people in the world that we can help if we have the loving consciousness to help them. We are one family. I must repeat this a zillion times in a zillion different formats. Many of us are hurting and many of us hurt each other because we are so wrapped up in our little selfish lives. Be what you need to be. Do what must be done. Dedicate your life to helping the people in whatever ways you can as a life-style. It could be giving a smile, a reassuring touch, a kind word of advice or simply listening to certain people with your full attention without distraction.

I need to focus more on my typing, as always, and do some stuff to help ensure that the CASA 12-Steps Meetings will go on at Sally's. Fortunately, a Brother named Larry was given the CASA Folder and did the CASA Meeting last Sunday. I know the meetings can be a drag sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I do any good at all. Then, I know that the meetings must go one. To each his reach. Nada mas ahora.

Monday, April 23, 2012
@9:16 AM ~ I have my medical appointment this late morning. I think if we go with the flow, even though where we be at may not be to our liking, the flow will take us to another place, another situation and encourage us to keep going with the flow. The important matter is to not allow ourselves to be stuck in a rut and stagnate. Life is life. It changes in a constant flux, whether we want that flux to occur or not. Life is vibrant, moving and often full of unexpected changes. We must be aware of our immediate situation and devise plans for our future existence. It is a matter of self-determination.

@3:07 PM ~ I had a good Doctor's appointment. He had me waiting for awhile. Wonder if it was punishment for all the other doctors appointments I have missed? Anyways, he said my blood test results were normal, that I had a little diabetes and that I was OK. He upped my diabetic prescription, which I need to go fill soon. So it was a good appointment. Plus, it is nice going to my ol' dope fiend area without getting any temptations, though I did say Hi! to a sweet African sister I knew from somewhere. I should of gotten her name, but I was a little anxious about seeing the doctor about my blood test results.

Plus, I found out I got some SSI backpay from the days I worked. So I got some 'dinero' on hold. I might get a new android phone.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
@1:32 AM ~ I am up late again. I am looking forward to the future more than ever, especially with the idea I had of my actually being able to afford dentures. I would love to be able to smile naturally in public as I am pretty self-conscious nowadays and have been for a long time. Of course, I am OK with folks I am already friends with or am acquainted with. Sometimes if I am addressing a pretty young lady I can tell when the first  see or glance at how hideous my teeth must be. It's a personal bummer. Appearances are appearances, then, appearances are appearances!

Anyways, I wanted to type a bit before I try to get some sleep. I called Guesthouse but, as usual, I got no response. I will try again tomorrow and hope that I am not put off for a few weeks. I would like to have my Seroquel handy now. Oh well.... my usual way of my coping with such matters are these is to appreciate my blessings, not count my curses. So much to do, perhaps even more to evolve into being.

Love yourself, love the people and love life. Buenas Noches!

@9:18 AM ~ I slept OK, but feel the difference not taking my nightly Seroquel. I was  against taking any medication at first, but relented when I went to Carol's Place. I found it did help me sleep. Before I would get wrapped up in thinking about a zillion subjects and my sleep was fitful. Also, I knew it would be a factor in my being approved for SSI if I was taking Meds. So Seroquel is the only one I take. Now I am about out, with only two tablets left. Maybe my Amigo has some. At first I wondered if my taking Seroquel would alter my sobriety date. As long as I do not abuse any drug that is prescribed medication I am not abusing the drug. My sobriety date from alcohol remains June 24, 2004 ~ the day I went into Sally's as a client.

Many looking back I have gone through a lot of changes in my life, especially psychic changes, though I have also had unstable housing a lot in my life, even to the point of becoming a homeless refugee. I guess in some ways I have become damaged from it all, even possibly having a touch of PTSD. Becoming homeless is one of the most traumatic experiences one can go through in life. To me the bulk of the homeless are actually refugees under a failed state in the midst of a corrupt collapsing civilization.
Basateen. The field. Here homeless refugees sleep at night.


@7:47 PM ~ I was blessed! My Companero gave me some Seroquel of 25mg so I hope to sleep well tonight. Good having someone who understands without casting stones. I went to Grocery Outlet and got a few supplies. I dropped some videos that has to go back to Central Library. Made a few phone calls via my mobile phone. Silly as it seems I figured out how to amp my Mobile Speaker. I had some frustrating incidents before using it, esp. when my ear close to it to hear better would accidentally click a button! I want to get a 4G Mobile Phone but need to check with Heather with CEPS as to the process. I got another cold and that is a bummer, a discomfort. Plus, I do not want to be around others and spread it! So I am still in a blessed state!

I am not totally secure with my general situation in terms of personal income. Most my life I have been actually employed for one company or another, knowing my paycheck was coming up. Now I depend upon the USA Government and
I am not totally secure with that now. I mean it reminds me of that ride it use to go on at the State Fair when you're in this big circulate device that is spinning, centrifugal forces pins you against the wall then the bottom drops down. Plus, it could be a bi-polar symptom because the anxiety about it does get me down, making mre more vulnerable to a depression. Sometimes I know now that depression it not fully realized on a conscious level. I am just trying to understand myself more. This typing it out is kind of like talking it out. It is like typing therapy! Cool!

My latest Collage. I love the results of my Collages!

Humpday Wednesday, April 25, 2012
@12:06 PM ~ I slept pretty well last night. I need to remember my night dreams more and seek to better understand my subconscious and what is going on in there. Is it 'down there' or is it 'in there'?

I try or allow myself to stay in a calm peaceful state of mind. For sure, there is a lot of insanity in the world and a lot of people do not really understand what is shaking and coming down. They catch glimpses of stuff about what is wrong, yet are afraid to come to logical conclusions that boil down to the urgent need for global liberation on a global level. There cannot be a secure socialist state so long as the Amerikan Empire rules the roost. Thus, we must look to getting rid of Empire. It sucks the lifeblood out of people, their labor, their income and their chances of being able to survive in good form.

We here in the USA were raised up in a inhumane, monopoly-capitalist controlled society. This we must all come to understand. We were taught from an early  age about this being a dog-eat-dog society. We have to first look out for ourselves because no one else gives a shit.  We give lip service to our religions, yet do not consistently truly practice our religious principles in our life-styles. I relate to Christianity because I think that it is important for one to relate to one kind of religion or another in order to have a good connection with a Higher Power that is higher that us on a lone individual basis. I type here of the world's dominant popular religions, not Satanic type religion. Religion helps us to have care, concern and compassion for others and are essentially Humane in their assorted doctrines. It helps give comfort to us in an extremely stressful world that is burdened with many evils and controlled by wicked, greedy corporate powers.

We have been infected by fascist propaganda. You can't change the world! You can't fight the government! You can't fight city hall! Resistance against the powerful forces of repression is futile and you are doomed defeat! You must play by the rules that the ruthless rulers have declared to be the rules. You must not question authority or you can be seen as a terrorist or a potential terrorist who must be watched by the Watchers!

It is like we have a little fascist pig soldier in our psyche that is a sentry to prevent the natural development of any truly humane revolutionary consciousness. We have lost our minds to the Mind of the Minotaur. We are fearful of thinking certain thoughts that may be construed as unpatriotic, as un-American and as not being True American thinking. We have been raised in a repressive society that has conditioned us to accept the Ruling Powers-that-be as the natural order of life. That is just the way it is and we had best get us to it and not rock the boat. We must conform to the dictates of the Ruling Powers or risk losing our jobs, losing our relative freedom of mobility or even put our lives at risk because 'they' are watching us under a Mass Fascist State Surveillance system.

Fascist propaganda and indoctrination keeps us fearful, keeps us in a state of dread, keeps us worried about what could go wrong right around the corner. Did you give Caesar his due? Did you pay your taxes? Did you make your due amends to the System? Do you have any outstanding warrants you may not be aware of? Or you an ex-felon always fearing about going back to prison so you better be a good boy?

We need to not fear life and work on getting rid of any fearful feelings about death. Our personal physical fear of death is a great block to our own Inner Liberation. As Jonathan wrote, if this is life than death ought to be a snap. There are worst outcomes than physical death. Many lives out their lives without ever fully being free, at least free in their own subjective consciousness. This instillation and installation of internal fear in the minds of the repressed man by authoritarian Fascism serves to prevent us from rebelling against repression. Internal fear keeps us from thinking about the prospects of a truly liberated world, keep us from devising plans to topple Empire. keeps us in a state-of-fear so we do not devise terrible thrusts in the direction of freedom! How dare we plot and make plans for our freedom!!!!

@ 1:55 ~ ReTweets below of Tweets via Dalai Lama. His wisdom is so profound yet simple. It took me awhile to be able to appreciate the beauty of his wisdom, thought they were kind of corny and redundant. As I myself have evolved as a Humane Being I now see the importance and even the necessity of repeating basic truths over and over again until they are firmly embedded in our subjective consciousness. We should love the people as we are one family of humanity!

As individuals and nations become increasingly interdependent, we have no choice but to develop a sense of universal responsibity,

Friday, April 27, 2012
@ 11:01 AM ~ I slept well last night. I feel good now, on top of my game. I need to be mindful of my tendency towards ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and stay mindful of the moment.

@ 11:27 PM ~ It was a good day. Got a lot done in some areas online and a little done in some other areas. Hope to sleep well tonight. Had a good conversation with Sister Geri on the phone. It kinds of feels like I am on vacation, but know that I am not. I need to be self-motivated. Push myself harder. Go to Capitol Park and start stretching out with Yoga and spending time for hard book reading, not only reading online. There is so much I need to know about, including having a better knowledge of labor history and political-economy in general. The more I myself understand the better I can help educate others.

Sabbath, April 28, 2012
11 AM ~ So far it has been a pleasant morning. It is nice not having any demonic disturbances, esp. from demented dope fiends. I am actually beginning to feel a sense of normalcy in life. Every day I reconcile with connected reality and its many dimensions.

Sunday, April 29, 2012
@ 9:49 AM ~ I am alive and well. I will rest up today and have a CASA 12-Steps Meeting at Sally's this evening that I am looking forward to Facilitating.  Did not sleep too well last night. I watched the movie 'The Way' with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez on Netflix. A great movie and a fascinating journey across Spain on the Road of St. James or the Camino de Santiago...

It is a long Journey. Maybe someday I will traverse it. I wonder if Isabel Hernandez-Serna ever took it. I think she might of as she was from Spain and adventurous. A very beautiful woman who became the wife of our Beloved Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna.

At 60-Earth years I know I have so much more of life ahead of me and I hope many good times to come with great adventures in the future. I know and remember that health is the greatest wealth, no matter what we may think we have in a material sense, there is nothing quite as good at making one feel wealthy than good health.

@ 9:38 PM ~ We had a good CASA 12-Steps Meeting. We generally take turns reading a Step with its Scripture then share what it means to us, without  hearing one person spout a war story or sob story. I feel that people get a better understanding of the 12-Steps. I remember one time Huey said something about nothing being real unless it can be understood, explained and shared. Funny how stuff sticks to my memory banks after decades. Sometimes I do not recall where something comes from, it just comes up from my memory banks, the deep subconscious.

A Brother Rodney and I walked back up here to Shasta, he lives over at the Capitol  Park Hotel. We had a good discussion along the way. Many of us who have survived the dark dope fiends days are truly walking miracles. From time to time we should remember the miracles that we have benefited from, especially in times when we are feeling as if we could submerge into a dark depression.

Monday, April 30, 2012
@ 9:33 AM ~ Slept pretty well. Plan to go over Geri's to visit and get some of my stuff. I have consciously not tried to collect a bunch of material things that could weight me down later if I decide to move from the Shasta Hotel here. I know I need to focus more on the moment, the Liberation Movement and continue to build the HELP-Matrix.

A lot of life is being aware of one's presence in the here and now, then going with the flow when we want to be interactive with life. Taking care of our own personal needs, helping others as we can and doing out best to help create more love in life. It is plain to me that this world's governing powers have gone literally insane.

Welcome to the Asylum ~ by Chris Hedges Published on Monday, April 30, 2012 by

@ 4:30 PM ~ I had a nice short and sweet visit over Annabelle's and Rick's place. I spent about  4 months there in a kind of a miniature insane asylum, at least for me compared to the sanctuary I use to live in before at Globe Mills. I slept on the couch, TV was usually on until late, then sometimes Rick because of his autism and stuff would go bananas. I wish there are something we could do for him to help him control his temper tantrums, his psychotic episodes, but that would require a new way of adapting behavior modification to him. To change the behavior of someone when it has become ingrained into the personality requires for the modifier, in this case a parental figure. to also adjust his or her own behavior. His case is an extremely difficult one.

I hope to take Rick to the Imax Downtown here in a week or so. I must make sure to do that and that he has his ID with him so he can come see my little hideout. In a way, it is kind of a bunker here.

At least, I got some of my clothes and a few other items I have been wanting to get. I still got some more clothes there, a couple of creates of books and some other items.  Washing clothes right now, then need to throw them in the dryer.

Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 30 April 2012
for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951

Needless conflict

Today you will display a great deal of energy in your dealings with other people. However, the problem lies in how you use that energy, for you may try to dominate others. Or you may encounter others who try to dominate you. Do not be so concerned with your own desires that your actions are out of harmony with the people around you. Do not be so willful that you actually get in the way of your own intentions. This influence can help you, because it enables you to make your mark on the people around you, so that they accept you and let you lead or help lead them. But you must be sure that you are right and that others really are willing to accept your leadership. Otherwise you will only create needless conflict that will bring you nothing. The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:

Sun Square Ascendant, , exact at 18:32 activity period from 29 April 2012 to 1 May 2012
Moon Trine Chiron, exact at 17:13
Moon Trine Med.Coeli, exact at 18:05
Moon in the 2nd House, from 20:50
Moon Conjunction Pluto, exact at 00:58 Moon Square Sun, exact at 03:45
Moon Sextile Moon, exact at 02:38

"Enjoy the present" (Uranus Opposition Venus)
"For the benefit of all" (Venus Trine Neptune)(L)
"Profession and social standing" (Sun in the 10th House)

@ 11:30 PM ~ Today has been a good day. All in all, it has been a good month. Tomorrow is May 1st AKA #MayDay. I hope it turns out well and that people are awoke from their slumber. We need to be empathetic, deeper than merely sympathetic and avoid being apathetic. May the Creator bless all of us with an expanding and enduring capacity for great and greater love. Hasta Manana!

#MayDay approaches!


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