Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Sabbath, September 1, 2012

Personal Daily Horoscope of Saturday, 1 September 2012 for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951
~ The ideal environment ~

This is a good time for mental work. You plan very effectively, with a clear objective perception of the facts, and you think very carefully, paying close attention to detail. Your mind easily resolves a difficult and complex issue into its component parts so that you can handle each part separately and come to a valid conclusion. This is a good time for talking with others. Your objectivity will impress other people, and they will not worry that you might try to force them into a position that they do not want to take. You will establish an environment in which any subject can be brought up and discussed. Therefore this is also a good time for business negotiations. You know what you want, and you will listen to what others want and arrive at a satisfactory compromise.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury trine MC, , exact at 09:56
activity period fromfrom 31 August 2012 until 1 September 2012
@ 12:33 PM ~ Another day in paradise lost. Need to do some stuff now that it is online, offline and inline.

@ 4:30 PM ~ I expect this day will zip by as many do.

@ 7:34 PM ~ Just came back from Westfield Mall ~further up K Street Mall. I joined GNC and bought some GINKO BILOBA Plus.

I am at the point in my life where I know I need to integrate more with the social situation that I live in, beyond the confines of my little bunker here where I feel more comfortable. People can really be a wear and tear if I let them. Most are so occupied with daily survival and pre-occupied with trivial matters
of no real import. In a way I have become kind of a recluse. I continue to work on educating myself and sharing what gems I may happen to run across with others. I realize there is actually very little in a material sense that I actually need ~my needs are more emotional-spiritual needs.

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Sunday, September 1, 2012
@ 6:57 AM ~ Another day, another way.

@ 11:18 PM ~ What a day! I am glad it is over.

This afternoon I called my dear Spirit-Sister Annabelle AKA Geri and confirmed that I will be over to her place Tuesday, not tomorrow Monday because it is the Labor Day Holiday and the bus system is on a holiday schedule. She is a sweetheart. So I will go see her and Rick.

We had our usual CASA Meeting and it went well. At the usual Preamble I spoke for awhile about addiction, a little about brain science, developing a strong liberation program and having a recovery program as part of our general program. It gets deep.  I need to share what little I know and can coherently articulate to others.

After walking back from the meeting I  came back here of course. Some stuff had happened here at the Shasta Hotel while I was gone. Apparently a Black Brother here named Henry on the 2nd Floor nutted up in the Front Lobby area where the TV is and the Front Desk. Someone said he may of been off his meds.  He was suppose to of had a 5" Knife by his sock area. I think he was on parole or something. Anyway, Sacra PD showed up and they carted him off to jail I guess. If it is not one thing it is another. I am glad my bunker is back here away from the usual traffic up front with its comings and goings.
Let us pray for the energy to continue our collective and individual struggles for Liberation in the world.

Let us pray we struggle on through periods of confusion to arrive at a new moment of clarity in our creative consciousness and who we are in the world.

Let us pray we can unify ourselves within in the mind-body-soul trinity so we can create a unified solid consciousness in the world.

Let us pray we develop an integrated philosophy for operating in the world based upon a synthesis of science and spirituality.

Let us pray we come to understand that when we help others in the world we are also helping ourselves without division.

Let us pray we accept the fact that we are in this world for a reason, a purpose, a mission. Let us heed our calling.

Let us pray we treat each other as loving and compassionate humane beings in the world, not as predatory human animals.

Let us pray we all find our center grounded in the truth as we know it, not out on a limb on a left-wing or a right-wing.

Let us pray we think for ourselves, be independent liberated thinkers and search for the truth, no matter where it takes us.

Let us pray we come together as one family of humanity to create a new world where we can live a loving life in peace.

Let us pray we know we are first humane beings living out our lives, not constantly distracted doings going in circles.

Let us pray we never become a know-it-all and thus become incapable of learning anything new and enlightening about life.

Let us pray we remember to put out the fires in our own backyards before we race across the street to put out fires.

Let us pray we remember to clean our own house before we bitch and complain about the dirty house across the street.

Let us pray we remain conscious of the present moment here now, not lost in a non-existent distant past or fantasy future.

Monday, September 3, 2012

@ I slept pretty well and woke feeling refreshed. I took a good shower, instead of the usual quick one. We are often in a rush when we clean ourselves, sometimes I pray while I am showering, think about what I want to do and create my day.
Let us pray we awaken on Labor Day with a vision of what labor of love needs to be done by us to create a new world.

Let us pray we have the capacity to define our labor as a meaningful contribution to raising a new consciousness in the world.

Let us pray our labor is the work of helping humanity as we continue to help ourselves to become stronger to weather storms to come.

Let us pray our labor is a labor of love as we work to raise consciousness, to nurture our gardens with care and affection.

Let us pray we keep a balance between our labor of love in the world with the inner work that needs to be done building our character.

Let us pray our good work in the world is done with humane love and compassion for all living beings, respecting the sacredness of life.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
@ 6:11 AM ~ I woke up with my clothes on, other than my shirt. I have not done that for awhile. Usually I sleep with nothing on in the bottom, usually with a shirt on. When I went to the restroom I could not find my doorstop at first, then found it a bit underneath my little rug by the door. I guess at one point it must of been lifted and I somehow was not aware when it slid underneath it. I am trying to be and stay aware of my immediate situation.

I need to go over Geri's today, which will be a bit of a drag, but I need to keep a positive attitude. It can be such a toxic situation psychologically when I see my old love so subservient to her spoiled son. Oh well, we make our life what it is one way or the other. At least we should have an influence on our life.
Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 4 September 2012 for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951   
Commercial affairs  ~ Valid during several days: At this time your attention naturally turns to whatever you value in life, whether it be material, intellectual or spiritual. You may have to define your sense of values to another person so that he or she knows where you stand on an issue. On the mundane level, this influence often signifies that you are much more concerned with business and commercial affairs than usual. This can cover a broad range of activity, from shopping much more than usual to entering into an important business negotiation. The important point here is that whatever you do in this area, you will put a great deal of planning and consideration into it, and transactions will be more important and elaborate than usual. As a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Mercury in 2nd house,  2,
activity period from 2 September 2012 until 16 September 2012
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Moon conjunction MC, exact at 10:59
Moon trine Chiron, exact at 10:01
Moon in 10th house, from 10:59 
VIDEO December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky ~ ~Published on Apr 21, 2012 by yowbooks
@ 1:52 PM ~ What a day for me. Here in my bunker. I called Geri before I went out there to find out that her and Rick we're coming into town. I need to check my Voice Mail more often. I was on my way to her place, then after I talked to her I decided to catch her around here. Until then I went out to Sac City College, kind of following my intuition, just to get a certain  orange high-lighter I like that they have there, in fact, the only place in Sacra I have found just like it as far as the same brand and make. Might be a little OCD on my part. It's probably me.


After I got off the Light Rail by SCC I saw my ol' love Peaches, took a snap shot and talked to her for awhile. I walked around the campus for a bit, then caught the bus into town, went to Time Tested books on 21st Street.


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