Monday, October 15, 2012

Online Journal: October 1-15, 2012 VIA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~

Monday, October 1st, 2012
Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 1 October 2012 for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951 ~
Enjoy the present***
Valid during many months: Your love life and relationships will be the sources of change in your life at this time. A loved one may become restless and begin to question the basis of your relationship. She may demand more freedom and ask that the relationship be changed considerably. A good relationship probably will not break up, but all kinds of tension will surface that you and your partner may not have dealt with before. You should allow this to happen and not try to smooth over feelings that should be expressed. It is also possible that you may be the one who becomes restless and demands a change in the relationship. You may begin to feel that it has become boring, so you seek out a new relationship that will provide the excitement that you feel is lacking. Under this influence people often form relationships that would seem highly improbable to themselves and others under other circumstances. The problem is that there is a real ambiguity in your mind about yourself and your relationships. You want to be close to people and to be free at the same time.

Consequently you will be attracted to relationships that either express your desire for freedom or that are impossible to consummate, as described above. For this reason you should not expect any relationship formed under this influence to last very long. It could last, but you should not expect it. This is a good time to enjoy the present. Don't live in the future!
It would be much better to use this energy to redefine and change your existing relationships, if they have anything at all to offer, so that they are a more complete expression of yourself and your loved ones. The best relationships are those in which the compromises that you make do not require you to become a different person.If you are working in a creative art form, this will be a tremendously stimulating period. You may not get much actual work done, but you will be exposed to new ideas and techniques, which later you will be able to integrate into your overall technique.

@ 9:00 AM ~ Woke up early. Had some heavy dreams about creating stuff using different media. I hope this is a good month for all of us, that we are gradually combat our fears and surge forward in the on-going struggle for Global Liberation. The people are gradually waking up and a lot of that awakening has to do with our getting rid of our many fears. We need to first recognize these fears, including those which hide in the subconscious, come to understand the reasons for our fears and ultimately see them as blockages that hinder the evolution of our cosmic consciousness.

@ 3:31 PM ~ In my bunker safe and sound. I had to leave this morning for a few hours because the Pest Control man had to come in and spray my room and others today. They that every now and then, but I am not had any  problems with  bed bugs, though I have had a few gnats, but nothing major at all. I called Geri and talked to her a bit, felt relieved about and plan to go see her this week.

I called and set u an Appointment tomorrow at Molina to see about a possible stress test for me to get my cataracts done. The medical folks are going way overboard on this because my EKG records a possible heart attack, but if so that was a mild one a long time ago when I was in the middle of the Sacramento River and a motor boat had to retrieve me from the river. That's another story.

Anyways, I am back in my room, re-arranged it and think I will just  take a little catnap. I did wake up for some  reason at 4 AM today, then actually got up a bit later. It is nice and quiet right now.
Let us pray we use our time wisely and encourage each other as humane beings. Yes, it is good to be humane, not just an animal.

Let us pray we face our fears, conquer our fears and not allow the dark forces of fascism scare us into being silent and stupid.

Tuesday,  October 2, 2012
@ 5:05 PM ~ What a day. Went to my Doctor's appointment at Molina Clinic on Marysville Blvd. and have another one scheduled for Friday that I need to get to in time. Doctor wants to see about my checking out a heart specialist just to be on the safe side.

Afterwards, I went over Geri's to get a few things and visited for awhile with her and Rick. I still cannot find my guitar tuner, but I picked up some other stuff I have had there. I got some books there, some clothes and some other items. Geri is my oldest friend and she is  such a sweetheart. She is the one old love I still see. I feel pretty comfortable around her and I do treasure her in my life.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
@ 8:32 AM ~ Another day is ahead of me. Some folks around me are quietly going utterly insane right inside their little rooms. Many here at the Shasta Hotel are elderly and on disability for one reason for another. It can get discouraging at times. I am glad I have Internet Access here and am able to get my mind off the insanity that is sometimes around me, right outside my door. Guess I will take a shower and get more ready for the day, for going out into the Insane Asylum called the public in Amerika.

@ 10:00 PM ~ I went and paid my AT&T Bill for Internet Access. I will reluctantly pay my Metro Mobile Phone bill. I hardly ever really use it for anything really essential, though it does come in handy. I guess that is my fault as I hardly ever call anyone myself. Sometimes I will use Twitter on it and Instagram on occasion. It is help for my Medical Appointments and all.
Let us pray we use our time wisely, working on our own Inner Liberation, developing our natural talents and helping others.

Let us pray we are in tune with our being, take the time we can to go about our business with deliberate calmness free of discord.

Let us pray we keep in mind the basic needs of the people: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education.

Let us pray we are aware that our Liberation struggle is not just about politics, it is about cherishing life and helping all we can.

Let us pray we use our energies in positive, productive and progressive ways to express the basic truths about life today.

Let us pray we come to understand that a genuine democracy must be a participatory democracy we are all involved in.

Let us pray we understand that we have already won the battle for humane values about what is right and what is wrong in the world.

Let us pray we understand that the future belongs to liberated people, our enemies are dinosaurs fearing their own extinction.

Let us pray we work with calm intense focused attention on what needs to be done here now, not scattered out in a frenzy.

Let us pray we look at life as a long-distance marathon we must win, not a quick sprint to the finished line. Pace yourself.

Let us pray we do our work motivated by the positive power of pure love in our beings, not by the weak energy of hatred alone.

Let us pray we know that the crisis of our times is a crisis of values. Uphold the values of humane love for the family of humanity.

Let us pray we do a Daily Personal Inventory ~assess assets and liabilities ~develop talents, make amends, love one another.

Thursday, October 4, 2012
@ I got up at 7:45 AM and was up late last night. Tomorrow is my Medical Appointment and need to go to bed early to make sure I get there in time. Feel rested up.
Let us pray we awaken sane and sober with a willingness to take a fresh look at ourselves, do Personal Inventory and help others.

Let us pray we are in relative balance as beings within the trinity of the mind, body and soul ~as we go through the day.

Let us pray we eliminate all prisons and replace them with wholistic healing centers for those most in need of treatment.

Let us pray we come together as one family based upon our common needs, shared humane values and dreams for a new world.

Let us pray we know that prayers can go through walls, cross borders, bypass checkpoints and reverberate out into the cosmos.

Let us pray our heartfelt prayers resonate with the pure love of the Creator, the Source, the Great Spirit, the Seed of the Great I Am.

Let us pray we take care of business in practical ethical ways. Keep in mind that we are first beings, not frantic doings.

Let us pray we do not lose sight of the Grand Strategic Aim of the Seizure of Power by any means necessary to Win Global Liberation.

Let us pray we remove ourselves as much as possible from any toxic environment and avoid the negative effects of energy vampires.

Let us pray we can come together in time to create a new world where we can fulfill our roles as co-creators in harmony with nature.
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#Leaders 1. Give people your undivided attention. 2. Be aware that emotions are contagious. 3. Develop your sense of extraversion.

Don't confuse the idea of a Movement Matrix with Matrix Movie ~actual reality is more intertwined than the Red Pill or Blue Pill choice!

October 04, 2012 Expanding the Debate–Watch Democracy Now’s Full Three-Hour Special ~ VIA @democracynow

Friday, October 5, 2012
@ 12:34 PM ~ Went to my  Doctor's appointment. Now I have to go for more tests, get results back and still need the ok for my cataracts surgery in case I am 'put under' by anesthesia. What a drag but I will do what I have to do to get stuff done. All this is  so I can get a new pair of eyeglasses and my prescription would change after my eye surgery for my cataracts. It is all interconnected.

I took the long way back on Bus 86 and we rode through the Del Paso Heights area, which is the largest Black community in the Sacramento region. It was a good ride and relaxing in itself.
Personal Daily Horoscope of Friday, 5 October 2012 for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951
Personal desires This is a time for making plans about your personal life and for thinking about your goals and objectives, not in terms of your public or social life but in terms of your inner feelings and personal desires. Often the demands of the outside world become so great that we lose track of what we really want in life and spend our time trying to live up to someone else's expectations. Even worse, we internalize those expectations and convince ourselves that they are our own.

Now is a good time to cut through all of those ideas within yourself and to think about what you want and about yourself as you really are. On a more external level, this is also a good time to make plans concerning your household and family or the physical dwelling that you live in. Also, buying or looking for real estate is favored during this time.
Let us pray we can rest at ease in our being without being constantly stressed out by the connected reality of life today.

Let us pray we can be at ease in our being without the stressful frenzy of thinking we always have to be doing something.

Saturday, October 6, 2012
@ 8:08 AM ~ I am alive, awake and aware. I hope to do a few videos today and share what little I know with others without the egotism of individualism.

@ 10:12 AM ~ I need to go out for a little street patrol. My Brother Bobby came by earlier and it was good to see him. We had a short chat about stuff. I hope he has a great day!

@ 11:04 AM ~ Just did a Video about Out of the Darkenss ~ a suicide prevention group! C
@OOTDWalks onnect on Twitter
on Twitter @OOTDWalks

@ 10:11 PM ~ Well I guess today was what it was and tomorrow will be what it will be. Found out some good stuff, made a few good Twitter contacts and around here it was pretty uneventful. I  won't speak disparagingly of any of my fellow residents here. Suffice it to say that at least a few need some serious psychiatric counseling, perhaps long-term. Tomorrow is my CASA Meeting and I need to talk more about mental health issues to folks. The  general insanity is spreading inside the United States and I imagine in other parts of the world to different degrees and in different ways. I am in the Brain of the Beast!
Let us pray we honor the Sabbath of Saturday and keep it holy in accordance with the 4th Commandment. Strive for wholeness.

Let us pray we respect the religious beliefs of others, no matter what religion. Religion is not worth killing each other over.

Let us pray we promote the positive benefits of collectivism ~of working together in harmony, without the egotism of individualism.

Let us pray our prayers resonate throughout the cosmos and reach a receptive mind. Prayers have invisible powers.

Let us pray we are in tune with our own inner spirit, our own psyche. Strive to make the subconscious conscious and know thyself.

Let us pray we get involved in one kind of positive local community group or another, yet keep a balance in our personal lives.

Let us pray we wisely use Internet Power while we have it. Create blogs, type up articles, use various global network platforms.

Let us pray we do not jump to conclusions without doing our homework, doing our own investigation and thinking for ourselves.

Let us pray we appreciate the liberties and blessings we do have in America. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Let us pray we comprehend the spiritual qualities of our struggles for humane liberation and not neglect inner spiritual realms.

Let us pray we promote global literacy, teach people how to read and write and continue to advocate computer literacy.

Let us pray for the abolishment of all prisons and the creation of community-based wholistic treatment centers in their place.

Let us pray we have the creative imagination to envision what kind of new world we want to live in for our family of humanity.

Let us pray we work on the conscious development of our own leadership skills and qualities. We need creative leaders.

Let us pray we continue to support Occupy Wall Street and help it to evolve as a social justice movement in our local areas of expertise.

Let us pray we appreciate the liberties and blessings we do have in America. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Let us pray we have the audacity to live in creation as co-creators with whomever we conceive of as the Creator. Conceive well.

Let us pray that with all the devious hypocrisy in the world that the righteousness of the truth will prevail come what may.

Let us pray for all the homeless refugees in the world with no safe home and no place to rest their heads, esp. the children.

Let us pray that we go to bed tonight wiser with more love in our hearts than we did when we woke up this morning.

Let us pray for all who live in dread of the Devil's drones flying somewhere above them that could strike at any moment.

Let us pray for all the children who are afraid to close their eyes at night because they are terrified of their parent.

Sunday, October 7, 2012
@ 7:44 AM ~ Slept pretty well, feel refreshed. Sometimes I suspect my dreams drain me and other time I feel like they invigorate me. I need to wash clothes, get some typing done and use my time wisely.

@ 10:35 PM ~ Our CASA Meeting went well, several were in attendance. Came up to the good news of Brother Hugo Chavez being Re-Elected as President of Venezuela!

HELP-Matrix Blog: Venezuela's Chavez re-elected to extend socialist rule ~Que Viva Hugo! ~
Let us pray we awaken to this new day with feelings of hope for what we can create today as we come together in unity!

Let us pray we come together in consciousness as one family of humanity striving to create a new world where we are truly free.

Let us pray for all who have lost all hope in the power of prayer to change the world because they lack faith in themselves.

Let us pray for the humane enlightenment of our friends and our enemies as one family of humanity believing in itself.

Let us pray we are guided by the divine light of our souls as we go through the day. The mortal mind is highly overrated.

Let us pray we allow the power of love to take root and blossom within our hearts as we use the power of love to transform the world.

Let us pray we never tire of prayers or of praying as we know they have the potential to resonate throughout the cosmos.

Let us pray we struggle to create a new world with a strong spirit of sacrifice, the seeds we plant today will blossom tomorrow.

Let us pray we are motivated by the power of love for all humanity, we will win because we are better than our enemies.

Let us pray we have the courage to utilize any means necessary to transform the world because we are free of foolish fear.

Let us pray for the freedom of all human beings who are now caged like wild animals, provide proper treatment, not torture.

Let us pray for freedom for our Brother Leonard Peltier and never ever forget that he is still locked-up without justice.

Let us pray we struggle for justice with a spirit of joy because we are awake enough to struggle for justice. Many lie asleep.

Let us pray we engage in Daily Personal Inventory because we are Honest, Open and Willing to change and evolve for the better.

Let us pray we are guided by the Spirit of Pure Love in our work and in all our personal relations. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Let us pray we do not despair and get discouraged when we suffer setbacks, they too are a part of the process of life unfolding as it will.

Let us pray we see we have already won the spiritual struggle between goodness and evil. Let the light of love cast out darkness.

Let us pray we see that love is not just a warm fuzzy feeling. Pure love is what will inspire us onward when we have lost all hope.

Let us pray for the people as lovers of the people, not prey upon the people as predators. Be humane in all your relations.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 8 October 2012 for Peter Lopez, born 15 November 1951

Intellectual withdrawal ~ Valid during several months: This is a time of intellectual withdrawal, but not in a negative way. You aren't withdrawing to avoid a confrontation with reality but to reflect and think about all the ideas you have encountered recently. It is a good time to examine your personal and domestic life and to make plans or evaluate whether it is meeting your needs. This is an excellent time for discussions with your immediate family about matters that are important to all of you. Your thoughts may drift continually back to events that occurred in the past, and you may wonder why you cannot focus on the concerns of the present. You are able to voice your innermost thoughts at this time, and you should if you feel that something must be said. Do not allow pressures to build up within you that you do not express toward the people around you.

@ 8:45 AM ~ I got up at 7:15 AM, went to go get some coffee, check out the weather and I hope to get some stuff accomplished today. Reading my Daily Horoscope for today I do see the validity of 'Intellectual withdrawal' for me while I focus on my typing more than ever. I have been online for a long time and need to work on creating more positive tangible results.

@ 10:48 PM ~ Actually I had a pretty lazy day.
Stuff posted today in FB Closed Group ~

Many of these issues involve self-esteem, respecting ourselves and others. People often confuse love with sex, honest affection with hormones. Many just need to be loved, to touch and be touched. I would not over-diagnose everything. So much came from our own early childhood development and the relations between us and our primary caregiver. We had feelings before we had thoughts. Normal and abnormal are relative concepts and can vary with the given situation. I love the term natural.

Keep using the therapy of writing, at least that is what I do. I have been sober from shooting up dope for over a decade and have not had a drink of alcohol for over several years. Now I am able to look at my issues in a more clear light. What came first, the chicken or the egg? The symptom or the disease? Whence bipolar? Even a bipolar diagnosis could be our inner psyche crying out for recognition, needing to amplify or even exaggerate certain mental states for us to pay closer attention to where genuine treatment is needed.

We should remember not to think that by simply labeling a medical condition that we better cope with it in our daily activity. We need to study more, study deeper, study wider. I first diagnosed myself with bipolar online, then it was later confirmed by a medical team. Now I know that I also have what I term 'tendencies' which can come and go in intensity, such as, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). So we need to keep Honest, Open and Willing to change; that is HOW we can evolve. ~Peter S. Lopez c/s

Deb Shaw wrote ~ "Really hate that 'waiting for IT to happen' feeling . . even in total isolation I am waiting for IT to happen . . but never know what IT is." That IT is an emanation from our own psyche. I use to get it a lot before, now I process it away. It is a feeling of dread. of sensing that someone bad it going to happen. This feeling can occur even when stuff seems to be going well. These are inner fears that we generate and sometimes exaggerate and blow out of proportion with our own imaginings. It could very well be a mild mania with a bio-chemical source. We can just review our general situation, feel our feelings, process them and keep trying to understand where these feelings come from. Maybe they are just part of the mystery of being human.

We need to remember that as being we have a 'light' side and a 'shadow' side or aspects of our being. Despite all its ups and downs we live in a strange, mysterious yet beautiful world. Our lives are often the results of our own personal decisions.It helps me when I reach out to others, try to help others and if nothing else lend an ear and give someone my undivided attention eye-to-eye. In some ways these days I live in a toxic situation in an Inner City environment. So I just try to stay as clean and healthy as I can and avoid toxic energy-draining vampires. ~Love
Let us pray we are motivated by the power of pure for the people in all our ways today, not the darkness of hate.

Let us pray we have the self-trust to go with the flow in life as we remain aware of the general direction of our flowing.

Let us pray we are aware of global news and allow it to inform us of what is going on upon Mother Earth as we help others.

Let us pray we look at the garbage in our own backyards before we condemn the trash in our neighbor's front yard.

Let us pray we have the wisdom to consider any and all tactics in our democratic struggles for liberation from Global Fascism.

Let us pray we think in terms of multiple-options in a given situation, not limit ourselves to an either/or proposition.

Let us pray we see the values of genuine democracy, collective leadership and basic community infrastructure, not be anarchists.

Let us pray we take our personal efforts in the Liberation Struggle seriously, before we can expect others to take us seriously.

Let us pray we have the wisdom to utilize what is actually Global Media with common sense respect and personal responsibility.

Let us pray we wisely use the light of truth to cast out darkness in the world and honor our relative truth in all our ways.

Let us pray we help others to get computers, become computer literate and obtain Internet Access to avoid our becoming elitists.

Let us pray we avoid the political bipolarity of Left-Wing thinking vs. Right-Wing thinking. Basic truths are in the Center.

Let us pray we take the time for a Daily Personal Inventory ~examine our assets and liabilities. Be Honest, Open and Willing to change.

Let us pray we go to bed tonight wiser and more informed than we woke up this morning. Be open to different opinions,

Let us pray we are aware that the world is polarizing more and more between the +99% of the 'have-nots' and the -1% of the 'haves'.

Let us pray we are open to valid criticism, not take everything personal and be open to new ways of looking at the world.

Let us pray for the wisdom to amplify our voices online via Global Media on Networking websites, blogs, videos. comments etc.

Let us pray we communicate with people in our local community offline and listen to others with undivided attention.

Let us pray we listen to others with an open clear mind, not in anxiety waiting for them to stop so we can pounce and spout.

Let us pray we take the time to write conscientious letters to those in prison and visit them if we can. Abolish prisons!

Let us pray we live consciously, expand attention spans, concentrate and remember we are living beings, not hectic doings.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
@ 9:26 PM ~ I woke up a little late. Just took my shower. Sitting here naked right now. Sometimes clothes can just be so confining. I am the only one here in my bunker, so I am being modest. It is another day of my typing, of my learning and of my sharing with others.

I Paid back Manny G. another $100 Dollars from way back when I was frantic in trying to keep my old place at Global Mills and borrowed a few  hundred from him. So far I think I have given him $300 Dollars. I need to keep better accounting of stuff. It is just old amends I need to make now that I get my paltry SSI Disability Income.
Let us pray we use our time wisely and focus on what we feel we need to do, not allow ourselves to be distracted by madness.

Let us pray we are at ease enough to learn about ourselves, to allow the subconscious to bubble up into our conscious awareness.

Let us pray we are wise enough to develop the loving qualities we want to take with us into the future. Let seeds grow.

Let us pray as we cherish this present moment that we do not forget the past we need to remember nor the future to come.

Let us pray that as we condemn all forms of evil in the world we do not neglect to eradicate any evilness that can dwell within us.

Let us pray we take the time to do a Personal Inventory of ourselves on a daily basis ~accounting our assets and liabilities.

Let us pray we remember that we are spiritual beings in bodily forms. We are beings, not doings. Know your beingness.

Let us pray we take the time to help others, but not fall into co-dependent behavior patterns. Help yourself evolve!

Let us pray our prayers emanate from deep within our heart and help to heal ourselves of our own personal fears and doubts.

Let us pray we are conscious of any past resentments we have about others and evolve enough to let go of those burdens.

Let us pray we are aware that much of the work to be done in the world is actually inner work on ourselves for us to evolve.

Let us pray we understand that it is our own dark character defects that cause much havoc and confusion in the outer world.

Let us pray we go to sleep tonight wiser, more humane and more loving than we did when we first woke up today. Evolve within.

Let us pray for one another for us all to evolve as loving spiritual beings, not prey upon each other as animal predators.

Let us pray we learn the cardinal lessons we need to learn in this lifetime and make sure we have learned these lessons well.

Let us pray we take advantage of our liberties to promote liberty in the world today. It is another day of Leonard Peltier being caged.

Let us pray our prayers are combined with our practices in the world. Don't just bitch and whine! Go out and make it better!

Let us pray we are not afraid to look back sometimes, to remember what we have left behind that we may need in the future.

Let us pray we take the time to repose from time to time and not rush mindlessly through the day forgetting to breathe deep of life.

Let us pray we look for what is bright and good in others in our life, not be so quick to cast judgment and throw stones.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
@ 7:09 AM ~ I woke up around 6:30 AM, took my shower and now I am having my first cup of coffee. Might just get dressed and go get me a cup at K Street Mini-Mart. It is good to check out the day outside before I get all settled in here in my bunker.

Let us pray that we study the great lessons of history to guide us in the Global Liberation Movement today, not repeat mistakes.

VIDEO Deva Premal - Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times ~ ~ Strange but sweet!

VIDEO [6] Global Liberation ~ ~ VIA

VIDEO Carl Jung: The Wisdom of The Dream - Vol 1 - A Life of Dreams [FULL] ~ ~ VIA

VIDEO Carl Jung: The Wisdom of The Dream - Vol 2 - Inheritance of Dreams [FULL] ~ ~

VIDEO Carl Jung: The Wisdom of The Dream - Vol 3 - A World of Dreams [FULL] ~ ~

Thursday, October 11, 2012
@ 8:32 AM ~ I woke up early, took a shower and here I am wondering what I will learn today.

We need to not fear life and lose our fear of death, yet not toy with death. Life is sacred and death that befalls us on a personal level is final. In the grand scheme of things death itself is but a transition into another realm. We should appreciate the miracle of beings alive.

Many times, as we heal more, we need to get out of any obsession with just ourselves. We live in a real world, not an imaginary one. It is good to take the time to help others in our local community, join a little group and interact with others in the real world.

We need to Stop the Stigma related to Bipolar Awareness and many other forms of awareness, such as, the stigma of people suffering from any form of mental illness, the stigma of people in recovery from drug addiction, the stigma of people who are homeless and continue to combat all forms of stigmata.

Let us pray we are in tune with these turbulent times, not be asleep and apathetic, as we work on our inner liberation.

Let us pray we are in tune with our true nature, come to deeply know ourselves, and remember we are a key part of nature.

Let us pray we are in tune within our own being, accepting and loving ourselves in the grand trinity of the mind, body and soul.

Let us pray we are in tune with what is going on in our lives and consider that what really needs to be changed is within us.

Let us pray we are in tune with our natural beingness, at ease in our being, and not infected by the disease in the world.

Friday, October 12, 2012
@ 5:52 AM ~ I actually got up around 4 AM, then I went to sleep early last night.
Let us pray we find meaning, purpose and direction in our lives in ways that will enhance our experiences here on Earth.

Let us pray we harvest heartfelt feelings of love in our entire beings that will overcome the darkness of hatred in the world.

Let us pray we remember that the battles in life are not simply physical, but also take place on invisible spiritual realms.

Let us pray for all who are locked up in solitary confinement who scream out in silence for deliverance from their hell.

Let us pray for freedom for our Brother Leonard Peltier and not forget all who languish in Amerika's concentration camps.

Let us pray we remember that no matter how bad life may seem that others exist in a hell of endless suffering in the world.

Let us pray we take advantage of our relative liberties to help bring about global liberation for all of enslaved humanity.

Let us pray we do not get stuck in self-pity, while many stare at an empty bowl wondering where their next meal will come from.

Let us pray we have the courage to express ourselves, to proclaim our truth and let the evil demons be damned!

Let us pray we have the courage to advocate for those who may be afraid to advocate for themselves in our lives.

Let us pray we are not afraid to die because we are afraid of living life with courage, facing challenges head on as braves.

Let us pray our prayers penetrate into the hearts of all those who have lost faith in the power of prayer and in themselves.

Let us pray the inner light within us will prevail over the dark shadow within us. Let the power of truth cast out the darkness.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

@ 9:32 AM ~ I woke up a bit late, but I am OK with that because I felt I needed the sleep. I was able to combat a depressive mood yesterday. I am better today. Sometimes I wonder about the worthlessness of all my efforts when I am online. Fortunately, my growing number of so-called Followers on Twitter reminds me of the actual relevance of what I am doing to help raise consciousness.

VIDEO #Yoga Transforming Lives | URBAN YOGIS ~ ~Subscribe Chopra Well > ~
Let us pray we have the courage to ask painful questions about painful subjects and overcome any denial about the truth.

Let us pray we meditate on what are the most useful way of using our time, energy and resources to help spread the truth.

Let us pray we understand that the power of the truth is our greatest weapon and most useful tool to help educate to liberate!

Let us pray we have the intelligence to question authority, to question so-called experts and to question naive assumptions.

Let us pray we do not allow any authority to determine who we should hate, who are our enemies and who we should war against.

Let us pray we self-identify as global citizens of the family of humanity, not as narrow-minded patriotic nationalists.

Let us pray that in this era of the Internet we reach out to people from different lands, cultures and backgrounds.

Let us pray we appreciate the relative liberties we do have in the U.S.A. and not take for granted our freedom of expression.

Let us pray we at least get involved in a small face-to-face open discussion group to share reflections on global issues.

Let us pray we take the time to be at ease in quiet meditation and contemplate why many are diseased and stressed-out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

@ 10:02 AM ~ I was up late and work up late this Sunday morning. Another day at the Shasta Hotel.

You are beautiful. You are of the divine. You are a creature of the Creator. You have the right to be here. You have the right to be valued, to be respected, to be loved as much as you allow yourself to be loved.

When we value ourselves and demand respect from others our lives will be claimed as being sacred. Many of us have 'self-esteem' issues when we do not have self-love, self-respect, self-identity and self-confidence. Be open to advice from others and consider good suggestions, but at the end of the day it is up to you.

You must claim your rights as a humane being, stand up for your rights and refuse to allow anyone to rob you of your rights. Be it from any authority or anyone else who violates our divine humane rights. Do not let anyone on Earth oppress you in any way, shape or form. Do not let a so-called love one bully you. Many couples have deep troubles in their relationships because they have unresolved issues that have left them crippled. We need to be able to communicate our desires, our wants and our emotional needs without fear.

Sometimes we need to nurse ourselves, nurture ourselves and take the time to pay attention to our own personal needs and let the world take care of itself. We should not embark upon new ventures unless we are really ready for them, understand our connected realities and keep in mind any possible repercussions. We need to be mindful of our beingness ~we are beings, not doings.

I use to be a Certified Nurse Assistance (CNA) in  an Alzheimer's Center. I learned a lot about giving personal care to others, which includes respecting their space. We need to keep loving, keep learning and surely keep living.
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10/14/2012 @ 8:43 PM ~ We had a good CASA 12-Steps Meeting tonight that was pretty well attended. CASA is a good Christian-based progressive recovery group that meets every Sunday at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter here in Sacramento. 
I have been involved with CASA as its Chief Coordinator now for over ten years. It has become a big part of my life. Our CASA 12-Steps are from the basic A.A. 12-Steps Program with additional Scriptures for each step. It alsl incorporates from the N.A. 12-Steps Program and the D.R.A. 12-Steps Program.

I do no deny that I am now a recovered dope fiend and drunk. Denial can be a real demon that blocks our spiritual and intellectual growth. My sobriety date now from alcohol is June 24, 2004 and I have over 10 years from shooting up meth into my veins. Over the years I have come to realize that I had other stuff going on that I was unaware of. Now I am on SSI Disability based upon a bi-polar dianosis. I also know I have at least 'tendencies' towards ADHD, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and PTSD.

Now at 60-Earth years I am in the major 2nd part of my life working on my personal liberty, wholistic health and seeking to become more and more of a evolved humane being. I am into finding greater and greater Inner Liberation in this lifetime.

I needed to type this so that those souls who may read this have a better understanding of Who I Am in this vast cosmos. I am living life on life's terms one moment at a time, ready for whatever may come. I am here to help others as I can and remember to help myself in the whole process.

"And you will know the truth, and that very truth will make you free.” ~ John 8:32

With Liberty and Justice for All! Peter S. López AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan  ~Sacramento, California  c/s
Let us pray we remember that we belong to the Earth, the Earth does not belong to us. It is for all of us.

Let us pray we are not in denial about the existence of an Evil Empire the rules the world ~it is Evil and it is an Empire!

Let us pray we comprehend that being pro-life can mean pro-choice for women. We need to command the power of the word.
VIDEO Remember #911 Loose Change (full-length) ~ ~ Denial is a demon! #Investigate #911

VIDEO Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION) ~Uploaded by Thenjonsayed on Mar 3, 2011  #Investigate #911

Monday, October 15, 2012
@ 9:46 AM ~ I woke up late again, but feel better. I guess I needed the sleep.

@ 7:39 PM ~ I have been posting a lot in the Facebook Closed Bipolar Group as of late. Jesus, half of this month is already about gone. Well hell, at least I am still sober. Our CASA 12-Steps Group went well and I was glad my lovely Sister Brenda was there. She is such a struggling spirit!

I saw another ol' buddy named Woodie from back in the day and he is looking healthy. He has a bipolar diagnosis like me. Imagine that!

Let us pray we work on our Inner Self ~our own personal spiritual growth ~not get lost in the herd trying to be a people-pleaser.

Let us pray we do a Daily Personal Inventory ~assess our assets and liabilities ~engage in honest self-criticism and blossom.

Let us pray we take care of our own personal business ~do what needs to be done ~remember our own personal priorities.

Let us pray we find our balance ~strive to be in harmony with the cosmos ~be connected in the context of connected reality.

Let us pray we know who we are ~stick to our basic principles that have gotten us this far, yet be open to new ways of perception.

Let us pray that while we are aware that the world is at war, we are not at war with our own Inner Being. Seek Inner Peace.

Let us pray we fully accept ourselves, love ourselves and in the same lifetime strive to love our neighbors with heartfelt compassion.


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