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Spiritual Journal: December 16-31, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012
@10:54 AM ~ I slept pretty well. I am in a state of calm, alert readiness. Every day I try to help raise consciousness in the world
in my own little way, as I continue to raise and expand my own consciousness.

We have our CASA 12-Steps Meeting this evening at the Sacramento Salvation Army Emergency Shelter at 7 PM ~1200 North B Street .
Let us pray we do not weary or lose faith in our communal efforts to raise an enlightened consciousness in the world together.

Let us pray we remain in a state of calm readiness ~avoid needless worry and do not let global events overwhelm us today.

Let us pray we are aware of global divisions that divide us from each other, such as, racism, nationalism and selfish individualism.

Let us pray we keep in mind the long hard road ahead ~the struggles we must endure ~and be motivated by our love for the people.

Let us pray we are not naive. Revolution will not magically solve all our problems, but it is a great leap forward in our evolution.

Let us pray we combine our work online with raising a humane consciousness offline among our friends in our local community.
@8:50 PM ~ Just came back from a CASA 12-Steps Meeting at the Sacramento Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. CASA stands for Christians Against Substance Addiction. I have been doing CASA 12-Steps Meetings there for over ten years. It has become a Ministry for me. I am a former Counselor and Case Manager there, until I got laid off because of Sacramento County Cutbacks. A lot of good work is done there by good folks, who themselves have their own 'issues'.

I myself am a recovered dope fiend and drunk with over 10 years off 'meth' and over 8 years off alcohol. I have found that the real cure for drug addiction is Pure Love in harmony with the Creator God. Livc life on life's terms.

Now I am diagnosed as being with bipolar disorder, but I do not allow that to entirely define who I am. We should be conscious and cautious about labels that we accept and throw on ourselves, especially those labels thrown on you by the Psychiatric industry and the Big Pharma industry. Watch out for the Nutcrackers!

I handle my bipolar pretty well and am not subject to sudden mood swings. Sometimes I get depressed about this or that, but I snap out of it before long, especially when I have an appreciative perspective on my life. I might have quick manic episodes about this or that but I do not let them overwhelm me. Maybe many people go through moods on a daily basis but they are not fully conscious of it all. I strive to keep myself in a calm composed way of being ~just be cool and chill out.

So many fret and stress about two points in time that do not even really exist: the past and the future. Make a point of living life moment to moment. Stay in the present of the here and now.

Learn to let go of the past, don't beat yourself up over past mistakes. Be careful of what you choose to remember and do not forget all the good beautiful moments of the past. On the other hand, do not stress out with anxiety about the future, but just take it  one day at a time. Sure you can make good plans for the future, but do not freak out if stuff does not all go your way. Go with the flow of life. Remember: It is not all about you! Do not get a inflated ego and be willing to learn from others to help you in your life. Be humble, not arrogant!

While you are at it, bansih the dangerous demon of self-pity out of your life completely. Be grateful for what you have now in your life. What is it or who is it that you take for granted? Cultivate an attitude of gratitude! Life is not all about you and your little worries. Grow up! Know that there are many people who would be glad to changes places with you in life. Write down a Gratitude List of all that you should be grateful for in your personal life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of any dumb drama trauma.

I am blessed to be sane, sober and in possession of my mental faculties. Plus, I make conscious efforts to be sane and humane to others in my life as I go through the day. No one gets out of here alive. Your time of decay may seem distant, but you shall surely decay. You need to love you and show your love for others in your life around you. See the Big Picture. Have vision for the bright future ahead!

P.S. While you're at it, do not take everything personal! At the risk of being redundant, it is not all about you! A lot of the stuff I typed above is actually addressed to me ~So I do not get stuck on stupid!
Namaste! ~Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan

Monday, December 17, 2012
@7:15  AM ~ It is another Monday. The Bug Spray man is suppose to be in today to do my room, so I will have to g prepared and leave my room for a few hours after he sprays. I suupose it is a good service, but an inconvenience for me. I wish they would seal up the two small holrs I have in the lower section of two small corner I have so that no mice will come through, but far be it from me to complain. I just try to make it through each day one day at a time.

@3:40 PM ~ While I was waiting for the Bug Spray man to finish and the room to clear out I went over to the Christian Science Reading Room across from the Cesar Chavez Plaza Park and read some, then came  here around 1:30 PM.

We had a good Christmas Dinner here at the Shasta Hotel. There was a raffle and I was lucky enough to win a 5-Quart Hamilton Beach Portable Slow Cooker AKA crock pot. It was a good meal.
Posted by Peter S Lopez 12/17/2012 ~
Greetings Tresa Mary Germain! ~Welcome to this Bipolar Closed Group!
~ ~

It has been helpful to me, especially to help combat any sense of isolation from others about being diagnosed bipolar. There is a stigma attached to this psychiatric label that is part of the struggle of being diagnosed with a mental health disorder such as bipolar.

I spend a lot of time these days online, report on Global News, am typing up a book for future publication and am usually on Twitter @Peta_de_Aztlan. You have a good attitude. Be open to learning.

I am a recovered dope fiend off meth and recovered drunk off alcohol with several years sobriety. Now I am dealing with the bipolar disorder and need to do are lot more research about it all.

I am into a kind of recovery that is beyond the traditional A.A./N.A. approach called Progressive Recovery. In Progressive Recovery we emphasize helping others, raising self-esteem, supporting good progreessive causes and doing constructive community work, in harmony with a basic 12-Steps Program. Plus, I am the Coordinator of a Christian recovery group called CASA and we have open meetings at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter here in Sacramento every Sunday at 7 PM.

All this comes down to us working on our healing in a wholistic way. We are triune beings in the trinity of the mind, body and soul. In many ways the whole world needs healing, especially in terms of our spiritual values, working on our character defects and evolving as conscientious humane beings. Forgive my verbosity. Sharing is caring!

Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s
Posted to Bipolar Closed Group ~via Peter S Lopez ~
Monday, December 17, 2012 ~I hope I did not offend anyone with what I typed the other day. I was in an emotional mood and upset about the killing of those sacred beings, the beautiful children who were killed by Evil in Connecticut.

We need to recognize the violent culture in the U.S.A. and study the whole history of violence. A violent culture cultivates and promotes violence in general, including the U.S. Government ~the most violent government in human history. Remember the thousands who have been killed in Iraq as a rule of the U.S. Military Involvement in Iraq. Those lives we as precious to the people of Iraq as are the lives of Americans here in the U.S.A.

We need to cultivate a culture of peace, of love, of understanding with a strong dose of tolerance for different opinions than our own. Politics cannot be divorced from the connected realities we live in every day. We need to understand the actual environment that people are raised in that results in many disorders, including bipolar disorder. We do not come out of an empty vacuum. We come ouf identifiable social conditions in a given environment. Thus, we must understand the environment and the truth of what is going on in the connected reality of our collective environment.

Be open minded. Keep seeking the truth and do not be afraid of whatever you may find. Every day we must do a Personal Daily Inventory to help keep us true to ourselves and cultivate a practice of self-honesty. If we think we know everything we can learn nothing. ~ Love, Peter S. Lopez c/s

Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre's Page

Let us pray we educate ourselves about guns and guns safety ~use our sacred right to bears arms in a rational responsible way.

Let us pray we protect our sacred right to bear arms ~to protect our families ~and to defend our lives by any means necessary.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012
@8:22 PM ~ It has been a pretty quiet day. I just saw a bunch of VIDEOs on @YouTube.

We are in an interconnected matrix of connected reality ~all realities are interconnected at one level or another. The Internet itself helps to give us a better understanding of the inherent interconnectedness of life in the cosmos.

As one Family of Humanity we have a lot more in common than any surface differences. We share basic survival needs!

It is obvious that global corporate capitalism does not serve our needs. It must be destroyed! It cannot be reformed.  ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan  c/s

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
@12:10 PM ~ I woke up late but slept well. I had my usual quickly forgotten dreams. I feel kind of thrown off my routine because my coffeemaker went out. I had a few cups I bought at the local K Street Mini-Mart. I need to question even my drinking so much coffee anyways.

I finall got around to doing my Re-Certification with the Shasta Hotel with my SSI Income Proof and stuff. I did not have one for December, just November, so I hope this will fly. I would have to call SSI, but I do really want to  go through the hassle.
Let us pray we cherish all our children as sacred innocent beings ~save the children, treat them well and set good examples.

Let us pray we continue to raise awareness of our all being of one Family of Humanity ~not get stuck on racial identity politics.

Let us pray we continue to work on ourselves on an individual level ~strive to become better truly humane beings in our lives.

Let us pray we rational, scientific and realistic. We are not now all one in connected reality, though we should strive for oneness.

Let us pray we expand our attention span and pay attention to what practical activities we can do in our own personal lives to help.

Let us pray we uphold the 2nd Amendment ~our right to bear arms ~just as we uphold our sacred right to self-defense.

Let us pray we keep in mind that ~despite any religious beliefs ~Jesus Christ is the actual reason for the Holiday Season.

Let us pray we 'feel' the connectivity with all who strive for justice, democracy and humane rights in the world. We are expanding!

Let us pray we help others to get online, become online activists and integrate our work with direct offline community work.

Let us pray we take care of our health ~health is the greatest health ~not over-indulge in drugs and alcohol during the Holidays.

Let us pray we do not allow our visitors to get drunk and drive ~be responsible humane beings ~life is sacred, death is final.

Let us pray for Peace on Earth ~though the world be full of hate, war and violence ~let us keep Peace on Earth in our hearts.

Let us pray we believe that our prayers are not in vain ~if they help to heal just one person who is hurting they are worth it.

Let us pray we know that come what may, life goes on within you and it surely goes on without you. Live your life with vision.
2012 & End Times - Whitley Strieber - Coast to Coast AM Classic: ~via @youtube

Thursday, December 20, 2012
@9:00 AM ~ I went to bed real early last night ~around 9 PM. Woke up a few times but still sleep pretty good and long. I feel better than I have for awhile. So much of our present consciousness has to do with the thoughts that come into our minds that have direct affects on our emotions. We do not want to walk around dumb and naive, yet also we do not want to walk around with distress and needless worry. We need to be aware, know what is going on in the world ~the good, the bad and the ugly ~yet still try to have a positive attitude about life. We need to understand that life is often a spiritual struggle that we must wage and succeed in.

@6:00 PM ~ I just noticed that the @ symbol generates responses from Google. Damn, each keystroke has the potential to interconnect on the Internet when we are online. A distant feeling of being under surveillance touches me. Oh well, that's life in Earth hell!

I paid my AT&T Bill up to $40 dollars. I am extra paid in my account for my next bill, the kiosk does not give change. Plus, I bought expensive Ginkgo Biloba herbal supplement ~60 mg ~ 200 Capsules.
We must be strivers, keep trying, never give up and work out our differences with love, compassion and mutual understanding.

Let us pray for all who are homeless and lost in the world without loved ones around them or a prayer to help give comfort.

Let us pray we do not lose faith in our capacity to create a new world where people live and love in peace and harmony.
In Mexico, New Agers Hope Dec. 21 Brings New Era ~ ~

VIDEO Life goes on despite 'Mayan Apocalypse' ~ ~Published on Dec 19, 2012~

Jubilation, dread as page turns on Mayan calendar ~ ~

In Mexico, New Agers hope Dec. 21 brings new era ~ ~

Already December 21 in Europe: No Doomsday ~ ~ #Maya

Booming doomsday industry exploits anxiety — and can be very dangerous ~ ~

Native Mayan: Doomsday prediction has nothing to do with the end of the world ~ ~

End of the world? No, this is ‘a cosmic dawn’ ~ ~

Friday, December 21, 2012
@10:41 AM ~ I woke up when I woke up. It is just another day, though being Friday it is generally a hopeful one for those who are wage-slaves during the week and get the weekend off.

@11:01 PM ~ I had a pretty creative day, though I did not get any actual articles typed up. Tomorrow is a brand new day! I am glad this whole 12-21-2012 Mayan Day is over. I did have some anxiety about it in terms of what could happen to us on earth. It has been played up for so long. I can feel a difference on a psychic-spiritual level in the sense that more and more people are seeing the importnce of being aware of spiritual matters, includng myself. Plus, the idea that our solar system has gone around the galaxy and we are at its centerpoint. I need to study a lot more astronomy.

VIA @NASA ~ 12-21-2012 Just Another Day ~ ~ VIDEO ~

The Location of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy ~ ~

Hubble's Secret: Orbiting the Milky Way's Mysterious Center -A Galaxy Insight ~ ~/

The Solar System’s Rotation About the Center of the Milky Way ~ ~
Posted on Facebook ~Peter S LopezYou're silly Brother ! Remember?
I am in an underground bunker at the Shasta Hotel I gave you my Room #. I have not lived in Carmichael for about a year. You know memory is the first thing to go!

Yes, I am still typing, blogging and doing what I can to help raise mass consciousness about humane rights in general. I still Coordinate the CASA 12-Steps Meetings every Sunday at Sally's at 7 PM. You are always welcomed at our Open Meetings.

You may recall that I am into progressive recovery, which is way beyond the traditional A.A. and N.A. recovery program. In my progressive recovery I adhere to a basic 12-Steps Program, but also advocate for humane rights, global liberty of the oppressed and promote self-esteem in general.

In a way, I miss my crazy job at the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter as a Counselor and Case Manager. Although I do not miss the bullshit mis-management from their administration of the shelter. It has degenerated into being more of a warehouse, then an uplifting Christian organization to help people find Christ, find a stable housing situation and hopefully gainful employment or steady income for self-sustainability (meeting one's basic survival needs).

As a Recovered dope fiend and drunk I knew I had to fill the gap left open when I stopped by addictive behavior in regard to ingesting directly harmful chemical substances. Since I do not have a regular job and am now on SSI based upon a bipolar disorder, I consider my job as being a 'typer' (what you would think of as a writer, though I am actually typing here). Forgive my verbosity, I just waned to get you up to date, since you are an old distant friend.

"Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give up your life for the people!"
~ El General George L. Jackson ~Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan on Twitter
~ ~ c/s

Posted to Facebook via Libby Fernandez
Rainbow over Loaves & Fishes--Merry Christmas and Happy Mayan Day!

Rainbow over Loaves & Fishes--merry Christmas and Happy Mayan Day!

Peter S Lopez
Happy Mayan Day Sister Libby! You are truly a Sister of the Family of Humanity! Yes, a homeless brother named Benjamin told me about the rainbow this morning. We were outside talking about life on Mother Earth. He recently lost his job, his girlfriend and is now job searching. He is going to go to a Church tonight to sleep. I helped him with some money for a Bus Pass to see a job prospect.

So much of being homeless and getting out of it is not even a material question as much as a spiritual one. Keeping our Spirits up, whether we are religious or not; continuing to work on our self-esteem, keeping clean and healthy as much as possible and networking in life in order to find a decent home where we can continue to work on our Spiritual Growth as we strive towards Liberation.

The City of Sacramento still has failed to provide a decent Safe Ground Sacramento
for homeless people surviving outside in these troubled times. As I say, the homeless refugees in our society are a reflection of the larger society, the canaries in the mine and often the lumpenproletarist in this class society. I still support Occupy Wall Street and the class warfare being waged between the 99+% of the 'have-nots' and the -1% of the 'haves'. We cannot ignore connected reality in the world today. Loaves & Fishes is a great blessing for the Sacramento area. I tell folks it is the bread first so we can put the fish in something.
Namaste! Peter S. Looez ~Survivor c/s

Sabbath, December 22, 2012
@10:50 AM ~ I  am alive, aware and well.
Let us pray we are able to focus on what needs to be done to improve our lives, admitting our errors and moving forward.

Let us pray we are able to focus on our primary agenda in life, mine is a humane rights agenda. Do not scatter your attention.

Writing, at its best, is a lonely life. Organizations for writers palliate the writer's loneliness but I doubt if they improve his writing. He grows in public stature as he sheds his loneliness and often his work deteriorates. For he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day."~ Earnest Hemingway
~ ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012
@12:00 PM ~ I am alive and well. I make of point of not taking everything for granted. Not having a funtional coffee maker I  have already indulged myself with three big cups of coffee from my local K Street Mini-Mart. The old guy who is there has been there for 17 years at that particular store. His co-worker Antonio has been there for 20 years now. So I would certainly say they are regulars on the K Mall, as am I.

Let pray we pay attention to where we put out attention and not lose it. Energy goes where our attention goes. Be aware!

Monday, December 24, 2012
@9:26 AM ~ I slept pretty well. I get vivid dreams that quickly depart from conscious memory once I wake up. I wonder about Jung's vivid dream recall and how much of it is fabricating for psychological reasons.

@10:24 PM ~I got my coffee, just want to go with the flow today, get some typing done, learn more about my Inner Self and help raise communal consciousness as I can.

Blogpost >> My Christmas Message ~ @Peta_de_Aztlan: 12
~ ~

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
@12:49 PM ~  Just saw my Brother Bobby at the store. He is on his way over my Sister Linda's. Good for him.
Blogpost ~
It Is Christmas Night ~By Peter S. López ~ Posted on by
~ ~
Venceremos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~
Sacramento, California, Aztlán  ~ c/s

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
@3:13 PM ~ I have been doing some interesting research.

@10:34 PM ~ Today went by pretty smooth. I realize, when I stop to think about it, how I am usually all alone in the physical-individual realm, yet often fill spirits that hang-out. Maybe it is just psychic thoughts from the ether or frequencies from the quantum field. I am just glad when I learn more about myself. I feel as if there is a higher self that hovers above me, measuring my meaning, guiding me along the way.

When we are in a good spirit we are able to freely express ourselves, open up our beings and be more honest with ourselves. One cannot lay a claim to any semblance of #Spirituality yet be obsessed about what others think about honest opinions. I guess I am at the age and at a stage in life where I do not really care too much if others agree or disagree with me. After all, I am thoroughly convinced that I am now stuck in an utterly insane society stifled with sickness. I seek a greater sanity.

Many of my fellow citizens are not fully conscious ~Our President has Kill Lists. He deserves an Academy Award, not the Nobel Peace Prize! This is called a civilization, but most of its members act like human-animals, not true humane beings. Savage killings are routine now. We just quietly scan the headlines, await the next tragedy and look forward to the next meal. Awaiting Armageddon impatiently.

It's OK though. We got 4 more years under the Obama Regime to move forward, progress as we can and sharpen our knives. My Baby Brother thinks I'm bitter. I just cannot have a philosophical attitude towards getting shit thrown at my face with a smile. Oh don't let me start complaining and whining. I am sure it is Un-American ~and I still have not been able to find my Birth Certificate! Tomorrow we'll see!

VIDEO Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary)
~ ~

Witness > DAKOTA 38 - Full Movie in HD ~ ~ VIA


Thursday, December 27, 2012>
@11:40 AM ~ I am alive, awake and learning.
@5:30 PM ~ I had a manc day. Went by Christian Science Reading Room, talked to Sister Kristian and Brother Trygve AKA Trigger. Went by Rite-Aide back and forth because I had to retrieve my Rite-Aid Wellness Phone Number to get my discounts there. I have had it in my phone for a long time but it was gone. I do not recall deletng it. Almost like someone went in and Delete it. I am not going to be paranoid about it and play like I must of at one point or another when I did a Contact Edit.

Let us pray we are open to new ideas and ideals about how to manufacture Global Liberation in our lifetime.

Let us pray we do not get stuck in -isms and make another religion out of any ideology that lacks love and compassion.

Let us pray we understand that ultimately it is the individual being who must harness the personal powers to live in liberation.

Let us pray we grasp the profound distinction between transitory social revolutions and living in a state of spiritual liberation.

Let us pray we become practitioners of our spiritual principles and understand that we are ultimately fighting spiritual warfare.

Resentments spawned from Violent Revolutions plant the seeds of their own Counter-Revolutions ~a vicious circle.
Choices, choices, choices – full moon realisations for the end of the year | Coromell ~ ~

December 28 Full Moon – Revelations ~December 18, 2012 ~By ~

December 21 2012 Predictions By Jamie ~ ~ via @darkstarastro

The Alchymist, In Search of the Philosopher’s Stone, Discovers Phosphorus, and prays for the successful Conclusion of his operation, as was the custom of the Ancient Chymical Astrologers, by Joseph Wright of Derby
Friday, December 28, 2012
@7:15 AM ~ I got up at 6 AM. Have my coffee, feel refreshed and am learning better how to brain the brain.

@8:35 AM ~ Brother Bobby just came by and brought a gift bag from my Sister Linda. I need to go over there for sure next week. Still need to wrap some Christmas presents. My bad.
Let us pray we are aware of the vibrations, frequencies and brainwaves we emit from our beings as we make it through the day.

Let us pray we command our own attention, let others be as they are and just focus on our own education and spiritual evolution.

Let us pray for a spirit of appreciation, accepting people just as they are and not trying to convert anyone to our ideology. Share!

Let us pray we are kind to one another, not take anyone for granted, especially the ones we profess to love in our lives.

Let us pray we help create a culture of peace ~learn the meaning of reconciliation ~the power of forgiveness ~letting go of resentments.

Let us pray we are sensitive to 'feeling' awareness ~be gently nudged into new insights of wisdom without intention, feeling before thought.
VIA Aprendiendo En La Cultura Anahuaca ~ ~

Tlacuilo es una palabra de origen náhuatl que significa "el que escribe pintando" o "el que pinta escribiendo", y que designa en una misma palabra a los que hoy llamamos pintor, escritor, sabio. Los tlacuilos eran hombres y mujeres hábiles en el dibujo, a quienes desde niños se les adiestraba en el conocimiento profundo de su lengua y cultura. La labor del tlacuilo se asocia, por lo tanto, con diferentes actividades, no sólo con la pictografía. El tlacuilo pintaba los códices y los murales en Mesoamérica. Conocía las diversas formas de representación, así como la mitología. Llevaban registros de la diversidad biológica. Podía trabajar en mercados y templos, según el tipo de actividad para la que se le necesitara. Para elaborar los códices, los tlacuilos usaban papel amate (quizá, en algunos casos, papel de maguey), piel de venado o tela de algodón tejida en telar de cintura, así como tintas negra y roja para las pinturas y glifos. Los códices se guardaban, doblados a manera de biombos, en amoxcallis o casas de códices.

Tlacuilo is a word of Náhuatl origin that means "he who writes painting" or "which paints writing", and which designates in a same word which today we call painter, writer and Sage. The tlacuilos were men and women skilled at drawing, who since children trained in deep knowledge of their language and culture. The work of the tlacuilo is therefore associated with different activities, not only with the pictograph. The tlacuilo painted the codices and murals in Mesoamerica. He knew the various forms of representation, as well as mythology. They carried registrations of biological diversity. It could work in markets and temples, according to the type of activity for which will need you. To elaborate codices, the tlacuilos wore paper amate (perhaps, in some cases, role of maguey), skin of deer or cotton fabric woven in loom of waist, as well as black and Red inks for paintings and glyphs. The codices were kept, folded by way of folding screens, in amoxcallis or houses of codices. (Translated by Bing)

Sabbath, December 29, 2012
@12:44 AM ~ I took a little nap earlier, so I am up now. Yesterday was a good day. We had the #IdleNoMore Event on the West Steps of the State Capitol with a good gathering of people.
There is a Spirit growng in the land that the #IdleNoMore Movement stimulated ~the feeling that we need to be move active in the Global struggles for liberty and justice, not idle and passive slaves.

For me, the concept of #IdleNoMore reminds me that I need to be more active in my life out in the real world. At 12-Steps Meetings I coordinate we recite the Serentiy Prayer, a prayer I take to heart. In it we mention having the wisdom to change the things we can. The change needs to begin within our souls and the change must be one that empowers us as humane beings in the world and support our will to self-determination. I self-identify as a Chicano de Aztlán of La Raza. My bloodline is traced back to Sonoran Yaqui and Chiricahua tribes. Thus, I am indigenous to the land now known as the U.S.A. and also called Turtle Island by many natives.

I myself do not self-identify as a Native-American or an American Indian, though my roots are indigenous to this land. I usually spell America as Amerika with a 'k' so we do not forget the role of the KKK in history. I keep in mind that actual Indians are from India. Thus, to by-pass these self-identities I consider myself first and foremost as a Humane Being of the Family of Humanity.

As humane beings, we need to support the Hunger Strike of Attawapiskat Chief Spence and her request to meet with Canada's Prime Minister or the Governor General of Canada.

Back in 2006, when the Harper government opposed the ratification of the UN" Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Chief Stewart Phillip, Grand Chief of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, said in an interview, "The [Stephen] Harper government has eroded the relationship between First Nations and the federal government. This government is opposed to doing anything associated with collective rights and has favoured individual rights. There has been no consultation with Canada's aboriginal community."

Justice at Stake: Chief Theresa Spence passes Day 15 of Hunger Strike by Am Johal | ZNet Article
~ ~ #IdleNoMore

LINKS~ #IdleNoMore Website ~  ~ @IdleNoMore4

Facebook Page ~ ~
12/28/12 ~ Why we are Idle No More ~By @Pam_Palmater
~ ~

Isolated No More: Idle No More and the United States ~ ~ #IdleNoMore VIA @indiancountry

 As Chief Spence starves, Canadians awaken from idleness and remember their roots
~ ~ #IdleNoMore ~VIA @NaomiAKlein

U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
~ ~ #IdleNoMore

LINK Indigenous peoples of California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ ~
12-21-12 #Pleiadian Channeling: This Side of the Nanosecond
~ ~

12-29-12 #Pleiadian Channeling: Post-Mayan Calendar: Into the Light Again ~

~ ~
Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan ~ ~

LINK Black Panther Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~

Sunday, December 30, 2012

@12:04 AM ~ Well, as usual, I am up later than I wanted to be. I will just do a few more tasks, then a Night Prayer and I am on to dreamland.


@9:00 PM ~
We had our usual Sunday Evening CASA Meeting at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. It was a pretty good meeting and was well-attended. I always believe that where two or more of gathered in the name of the Lord His Spirit is there with us. CASA is a progressive Christian recovery group based upon the basic A.A. 12-Steps Program, with differences. We believe the cure of drug addiction involves pure love, our loving ourselves in all our ways. Drug addiction is a manifesttion of self-hatred. A.A. talks about arresting our addiction and it you arrest your addiction you have a dangerous prisoner. We need to get rid of drug addiction once and for all, examine the roots causes for our addiction, understand the connections in spiritual realms and continue to work on our wholistic health. It is not just about sobriety, it is also about our sanity.

We need to all wake up and see that we live in an insane society that directly and indirectly promotes various forms of addictions in our lives: the addiction to legal and illegal drugs, including alcohol; the addiction to war exhibited by a war-mongering fascist government; and many other addictions that are actually spiritual poisons. It is not just about sobriety, it is about being sane in our lives, living with conscious sanity and getting straight so we can be in a better state to change the things we can in our lives and in this insane society in general.

I was glad Sister Linda showed up and she gave me a ride back to the Shasta Hotel here where I live. I have known her for a long time and it is good that we are reaping the benefits of our recovery and spiritual growth.
Related Link: The CASA Twelve-Steps Program ~ ~

Let us pray we pray we do not worship advances in consciousness and create another control-freak religion divorced from life.

The endless quest for a TOE (Theory of Everything) is born of fear at one point or another. Knowing everything means learning nothing.

VIDEO Richard Feynman Thinking Part 1 of 2 ~ ~

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Monday, December 31, 2012
@8:13 AM ~ I got up  around 6 AM, went to go get my cafe and have already done some work. I really regret all the time I have wasted in my life in a drunken stupor. Hopefully I will make up for it in the years to come. Life is often a matter of quality time that we live, more than just there the mere quantity of time we live in a lifetime.

@9:33 PM ~ Spend most the day working on a blogpost I wanted to get out before midnight. It came out pretty good, funny how stuff I type changes along the way, adding/substracting, editing and sometimes it seems that is cannot come out until a certain time when I am at least satisfied with it.

This will be my last blogpost here for first half of the month. I am kind of trying to focus more on typing, getting into the flow of it, but doing so consciously and relatively methodically so I do not to do so much re-writing. It goes better when I do the search, research, then, the actual typing in one or a few sittings.

I do have an OCD tendency that I am trying to get better at handling, but it takes the form more of getting obsessed about research, then it could be a hyper-focus way. Plus, to add to my woes I have the ADHD tendency too. I have been here for some hours now, hungry but have not gotten around to making something good to eat.

I went to Grocery Outlet earlier this afternoon. Time to grab a bite to eat.

Let us pray we take the time for prayer in our busy lives taking care of business, remember that we are living beings, not doings.

Let us pray we all have a safe and sane New Year's Eve. If you indulge in mind--altering substances do so in a mature responsible way.

Let us pray we are able to let go of the past ~not being chained down by past resentments, being able to forgive. Live and let live.

Let us pray we remember the lessons we have learned in the past year and try our best not to mindlessly respect past mistakes.

Let us pray for the success and expansion of the #IdleNoMore Movement ~as we remember every Follower is a potential Leader.

Let us pray for the health and well-being of Chief
Theresa Spence during her hunger strike for all of us. #IdleNoMore

Let us pray we have a hunger for justice ~thirst for liberty ~vow to be #IdleNoMore and help create true Peace on Earth in our lifetime.

Let us pray we release ourselves from all remnants of racism against anyone, remembering we are one Family of Humanity.

Let us pray we are quick to love and slow to hate. Do not rush to judge before you seek to understand. Strive to live in harmony.
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